Is Rugby A Potential Market In The US

  1. NewYorkChicken profile image61
    NewYorkChickenposted 6 years ago

    Is Rugby A Potential Market In The US

    Heres a new question, I haven't talked to other people about this but I believe that Rugby is a completely untouched potential market, the man who can make rugby broadcasted in the states would have to end up being a millionaire - I believe you have to think of rugby in potential ways, America and Everyone else.
    America will never care about the 6 nations, tri-nations, super rugby ect. . However, if you are able to gather 17 college students from each state, create teams, and slowly build the reputation of rugby in the states to a platform more like American Football. Would Rugby Be Profitable

  2. luxis112 profile image58
    luxis112posted 6 years ago

    Yeah i think so  too but still isnt its just a dream

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    carlmuellerposted 6 years ago

    I think you can help to grow the game by showing the afore-mentioned tournaments like the Tri-Nations, 6 Nations, even the World Cup. People like to see the best and the best in rugby are the tournaments that involve NZ, Australia, UK, France, England, South Africa, etc.

    On a side note, I lived in NZ for 4 years and really got into both rugby union and rugby league. Perhaps league might be more to the US's liking since it's played with tackles (as opposed to downs) and although much different from US football, is probably close to it than union.