Options Welcome

  1. heidimariahelena profile image75
    heidimariahelenaposted 6 years ago

    Options Welcome

    I came up with an idea for something useful.  The only thing now is I need some ideas on how and who would be interested in providing overhead money so the idea can be produced in small quantity.  I would know how to go from there.  Any ideas on how I could get this started? All options welcome.  Thanks!

  2. casshd profile image60
    casshdposted 6 years ago

    Hi, I would suggest applying for a micro-loan, depending on the amount you need, and what the useful idea is. There are lots of groups giving out loans for new projects.

    The other thing I would try is business angels. Find a group near you, get to know them and what the investors are looking for, and pitch your idea to them.

    Do you have a business plan for your idea? If not I would put one together showcasing the opportunity and potential profits. There are some great templates online for free and writing a business plan forces  you to think through some of the key points and decisions before you go too far with an idea.

    Best of luck with your idea. Perhaps you can post a hub detailing your experiences?!