What would you do? Would you sponsor someone in spite of the circumstances?

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    prektjr.dcposted 6 years ago

    What would you do?  Would you sponsor someone in spite of the circumstances?

    If you read online about a business, then decide to become a representative for that business, do you sign up with a local representative for that business, or do you sign up with the person who had the ad listing the business?  If you are the representative that someone says, I read it online....would you tell them to sign up under that representative or would you keep your mouth shut and sign them up?  I feel it is a breach of integrity, unprofessional, but others around me seem to disagree.  Just wondering what others' point of view might be.

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    alexwpposted 6 years ago

    I would look at it from the perspective I had in commissioned sales.  I used to buy my own business cards (before the company issued them) and I put a lot of extra effort into making sure that I got as many sales as I could.  This resulted in many return customers, many of whom returned with my cards and/or mentioned my name.  My trustworthy co-workers would put the sale under my sales ID, and the untrustworthy ones would take the sale quickly before anyone found out.  You quickly find out who you can trust when easy money is a few data entries away.  It is never worth the loss of friendship and/or a job by stealing the fruit of someone else's labor.  The whole point of this is that many of the customers would not have made the sale with our company had I not so thoroughly explained the benefits of buying with us as opposed to the competition. The ad-buying representative should get the sponsor no matter what, because the propective client would have never stopped by in the first place without the ad placement.