Where is Our Goverment, Small Business Awaits your Answer?

  1. dutchman1951 profile image61
    dutchman1951posted 8 years ago

    If American small to Medium Business is to carry the Load back to prosperity, then lets see some action?

    1. Trade agreements with countries that recriprocate the same, Loweing tariffs, lowering taxes on exports and imports both ways.

    2. A 7 year moritorium on taxes for Business (tax free)

    3. Tax breaks for Factories that perminantly hire US Citizens to make goods to export and sell

    4. Tax breaks to companies that install energy efficent systems

    5. Port free duties on raw materials to be shipped to foregin shores.

    6. Remove any Legislation, to get the Goverment out of the way and let Businessmen be Businessmen.

    7. Lets Put an Electric Railroad in Place City to City across the Map in "every" direction, every state. Sleek New fast Rail, A system you can set your watch by. Jobs in every state to support it. Moving People and freight at 300 mph. Support high speed shipping of goods, jobs, travel. Releave slow outdated Highway and rail modes of moving people and goods.

    Globalization is a fact of life in 21st century America, and America’s small businesses should be allowed to take full advantage of its opportunities. Since 1990, the share of U.S. GDP that Americans have earned abroad though exports of goods and services and earnings on foreign investment has jumped from 12 percent to 17.4 percent. That is the highest ratio of exports to GDP in our history. Americans have never earned or spent a higher share of our income in the global economy than we do today. Three quarters of the world’s spending power and 96 percent of its people live outside the United States. This represents a huge potential market for U.S. producers in general and hundreds of thousands of American small businesses in particular.

    America Awaits your answer Washington, "Where are you?"