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Do duplicate articles affect the domain they are linking to?

  1. rhysclay profile image59
    rhysclayposted 6 years ago

    Do duplicate articles affect the domain they are linking to?

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    askpowersposted 6 years ago

    Duplicate articles having links to domain definitely flag that domain the eyes of Search Engines. Recently Google has updated Panda due to which sites are indexed properly but links are counted as low quality links which effects the ranking of website.
    Low quality links are extremely dangerous for ranking health, plagiarism tests are becoming so strong that if someone is trying to copy the image, even that is counted  under plagiarism.
    Duplication should be avoided, and never use spinning or re-writer software because of technology advancement these things are useless for ranking up the site.

  3. Writer Fox profile image59
    Writer Foxposted 6 years ago

    Duplicate articles pointing to your domain help your Google PageRank.  For instance, identical press releases and ezine-type article sites pointing to your URL are great!  Duplicate content issues can arise when the exact content appears on your site, as well.  I recently wrote a Hub on this, 'Duplicate Content' which you can find on my profile page.

  4. Jester98 profile image71
    Jester98posted 6 years ago

    WriterFox that is a great point. I guess the biggest thing to is that the content is on sites with authority and not some crap article site right? The biggest thing with the press releases is that the main PR site... prweb.com, 1888pressrelease.com etc... were the first to post it so you get the authority from them first before all the feed pr sites pull the news from them.  Yeah also not having the dupe content on your own blog is key to not getting penalized as well. Make sure all site content is original. If you really want to get more power make sure they are 800words +