Making the most of Facebook for your enterprise

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    lee custodioposted 6 years ago

    Making the most of Facebook for your enterprise

    Do you use Facebook as a platform (Marketing, advertising, e-store) for your business? Any best practice advice?

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    IJCGlobalposted 6 years ago

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your message! You have a very busy and active life, from what I just read…

    In response to your question, I do indeed use Facebook as a marketing platform.

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    meiadzunaposted 6 years ago

    Hello Lee!

    I would say that Facebook can be used to improve visibility with a potentially vast market audience, and it pays to integrate your social media efforts across FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Top tips I'd give,
    a) Freebies and competitions keep people interested in your page and improve the # of "Likes" on your page
    b) Put up topics/content that is engaging and encourages discussion
    c) Humour helps
    d) Cross sell across Twitter, FB, etc.
    e) Keep it professional, FB and Twitter may be less formal platforms to reach out to customers but is not the place to talk about your personal life (in most cases)

    Last but not least, any campaign that encourages people to express themselves (such as posting pictures, coming up with slogans, catchphrases etc) tends to work well, this is after all the premise of Facebook's success!

    Hope this helps!