Why Social Media Marketing Is No Where No Close To SEO ?

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  1. Ultimate Hubber profile image72
    Ultimate Hubberposted 13 years ago

    Avoid self promotion in these forums!

    1. kkinfy profile image59
      kkinfyposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Wasn't self promotion. Would have appreciated your reply if you had gone through the hub rather than just replying by assumption.

      1. profile image0
        selrachposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Whem not opening a discussing,but putting your hub url to give your side of discussion is self promotion.

        1. kkinfy profile image59
          kkinfyposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          Hi Selrach and Ultimate Hubber,

          smile I dunno how everyone has become preoccupied with definitions for spamming. If you don't mind me copy pasting the entire 300 words in the discussion I could do that definitely from my next topic. By the way, self promotion is a way to promote ones products. Sadly sad , as a poor hubber sad I don't even have a product to promote to you guys smile

    2. maruthirp profile image61
      maruthirpposted 13 years ago

      You are right in some way but I disagree that it is completely not closer. Utilizing in proper way that is with not a sense of spamming social media too will help you go closer to SEO.

      1. Aras Blake profile image60
        Aras Blakeposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        that's right!

    3. Peter Hoggan profile image69
      Peter Hogganposted 13 years ago

      For one thing links from some social media sites are very important, take HubPages for example. I guess it’s how you use those social media sites and how you channel that authority onto your own site.  That in itself is a pretty solid SEO technique.

      Then there is Twitter, it might not give a link per say it does allow you to search for people who have asked a question about a specific product rather than lust talking in general about it.

      In fact nearly every social media site offers some kind of benefit to an SEO, YouTube turned Blendmatic into a household name and created millions in revenue for them.

      Social media is superior to SEO in many ways but will only ever be as effective as the person using it!

      Stop self promoting on the forums, its just one step away from spamming them. A clue perhaps to your understanding of social media.

    4. kkinfy profile image59
      kkinfyposted 13 years ago

      Seems everyone is deviating from the main topic. The key point is not about how social media helps SEO through links. Two points which I wanted to say were :

      a)  Quality of traffic we receive from social media may not match that from search engines.
      b)  Probability of finding quality products or services in overcrowded social media could be lesser than that of search engines. This is because of the efforts that Search Engines put to rank quality and trusted pages higher.

      1. JMPruitt profile image60
        JMPruittposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Well, I have to disagree, not based on some half baked theory like most "seo experts ".  I have done both. Social media works faster, is more targeted when done properly and will increase conversions. I can spend 4-5 hours a week on social media, and convert that traffic at 20-30% to sales.

        In that same week, I could send half  the traffic via seo, and convert at 1% to sales....
        now long term, seo can target traffic, but social media will help you get both if you do it right. '

        however, in order for any of that to happen you must have high quality content on your site. Social media isnt about what you say about yourself it is about what others are saying about you.

    5. Peter Hoggan profile image69
      Peter Hogganposted 13 years ago

      Social media and SEO work hand in hand, they are both effective ways to market a company. It comes down to how you utilize the strengths of each, not concentrating on their respective weaknesses.

      1. kkinfy profile image59
        kkinfyposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, that is true.

    6. profile image29
      billy7867posted 13 years ago

      Seo is long term and reliable where social media is . . .

      1. Aras Blake profile image60
        Aras Blakeposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        i agree.

    7. Katerra profile image61
      Katerraposted 13 years ago

      I just attended a meeting where the marketing officer of a well-known company said that they have no way of measuring the success of their social media effort.

      An expert from a social media firm confirmed that when they launch a twitter and facebook campaign, they cannot tell what worked. I don't think social media will be a viable-solid SEO strategy until you can measure it. Unfortunately, if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.

      1. JosephRanseth profile image64
        JosephRansethposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        I'd be curious to know what this well-known company was.  I have had heard so many similar comments, but the are all ignorant IMHO.
        I spoke at a marketing conference earlier this year sponsored by a University. The Dean of the marketing faculty made similar comments.  When I explained to him some of the metrics we use in our company to measure the metrics and ROI of social media campaigns for our clients, he was blown away and invited me in to speak to the whole faculty.  Not that we are doing anything that breakthrough, there is a just a different perspective from the trenches. There are plenty of tools to measure success in social media... traffic, conversion, etc are all metrics that can be measured if the proper tools and campaigns are developed.
        Same as the social media firm. I'm making assumptions here, but most of the social media experts out there know a lot about the social media tools but don't have experience with integrated approaches, strategy, etc. Most are just social media power users.
        <stepping off of soapbox>

    8. profile image0
      WizardOfOzposted 13 years ago

      Would you not be seeing the traffic source to show for your efforts?

      Really depends on the business you are running as to whether social media is an effective strategy or not.

    9. nwinternetmrktng profile image59
      nwinternetmrktngposted 13 years ago

      With social media, you can't be a click-and-mortar unless you are targeting geo web2.0 sites -- which are few and far between.  For geo-specific websites, Social Network marketing is more or less for the backlinks (IMHO)

      On the contrary, social media works quite well for global/national search terms.

    10. Peter Hoggan profile image69
      Peter Hogganposted 13 years ago

      Joseph, how do you measure the influence and effectiveness of a Twitter campaign for instance?

    11. carlgerber profile image60
      carlgerberposted 13 years ago

      SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique to get better organic results in search engines. It can and should be used in both 'standard' websites and social media sites. Social Media sites are sites designed for social interaction.

      In other words, it is just as important to use SEO in your Facebook Business Fan Page as it is with your blog or other website. Even with Twitter, thought should be given to using proper keywords as more and more people search Twitter, and there is a trend by search engines to index Twitter.

      So the question isn't whether SEO is better than Social Media or visa versa. The question should be how to use SEO to enhance your Social Media as part of your overall strategy. This strategy should include things like using Twitter to drive traffic to your Facebook Business Fan Page; to use your Facebook Fan Page to interact, get leads and promote your product or service reputation. And, to use Twitter, Facebook (and others) to direct people to your blog where you can capture leads for email marketing, give people more in depth information, and convert them to paying customers.

      In today's new world of internet marketing and social media, a successful marketer must use all tools available to them together so they enhance each other and effectively reach the most people.

      1. blairstover profile image59
        blairstoverposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        You hit it right on the nose. It is like arguing if peanut butter is better than jelly! smile

    12. gandhikr profile image59
      gandhikrposted 13 years ago

      SEO brings targeted visitors. The social media for business works on basis of 'No Marketing'. Participants in social media create a network of their own and share resources and info amongst themselves.

    13. profile image0
      Rick49posted 13 years ago

      SEO is really great for long term business if you have everything required to make it effective. I have some stuff out there and I took me forever to get the hang of it. I'm still learning but having results. I'm glad I know how it works and able to teach others what I know.

      But there is people in social media that have rookies looking like professional consultants that have done successfully for years. I know people who started out with the right kind of info and concentrate on whether there's a sale to be made instead of concentrating on making a sale.

      They know how to ask the right questions without even talking about their business unless they have a need and a want. There are billions of traditional business as well as millions of network marketers looking for a change.

      If you can spot them out and know what they want before even sending them a message newbies can sponsor people into their business on a regular basis. SEO gets prospects but Social Media gets business builders.

      If you get leads from SEO you have to talk to them anyway. Building a home business is true residual as where affiliate marketers are getting sponsored to peoples business like wildfire. They have all the SEO tools to share with them if they want to go that route in the future but social media is fast income. I enjoy both.

      Some professional social marketers look for people promoting tons of affiliates because they usually have had a hard time building a business. I target traditional business minded professionals because there are so many coming online. Just thought I would give my 2 cents.

    14. AndrewDavidBaron profile image61
      AndrewDavidBaronposted 13 years ago

      I know this is going to sound funny, but PPC is like being on a crack-pipe and you're addicted to that type of inbound traffic. Once you stop, you're nowhere to be found...until you pick up that crack-pipe again.

      Organic SEO & SEM is a hell of a lot more effective in long term and short term. I always said to start off with a modest PPC campaign and overtime when organic campaigns begin to get indexed to end paid campaigns based upon the performance of certain keywords.

      I also HIGHLY suggest using a 24/7 Live Chat service and solution to communicate to every site visitor in real-time as they surf your site. The idea is to get them to the site, figure out what they want, get their info, and then follow up ASAP. I have NEVER heard one consultant, marketer, etc...bring this fact up. Not one even considers what happens AFTER the visitor hits the site. Why is that? Conversion rates from site visitor-to-prospect-to-customer dramatically rise.

      In my opinion, you have less than 5 minutes to get back to someone before they forget about you and go to your competition.

      So in the long run an organic campaign will ensure a steady stream of visitors that WANT to be there and not just surfing paid ads. Be prepared to communicate in real-time and produce results!

    15. Aras Blake profile image60
      Aras Blakeposted 13 years ago

      I disagree with the question. The social media websites can truly help enhance your search engine optimization goals. Registering to these social websites and making friends improves your online authority. Many people will trust and respect you if they see that you're constantly reaching-out with them. When you consistently perform this technique, people will visit your website again and again and again. 

      (Just a reminder: The fewer social sites you register, the better only if you'll regularly fill these sites with juicy updates.)

    16. rebekahELLE profile image84
      rebekahELLEposted 13 years ago

        they can certainly work together for benefit.

      I think this is very well said. Social media has the ability to reach a large audience which can have a snowball effect as far as targeting specific segments of people.


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