Should municipalities bar WalMart from their jurisdictional?

  1. Eugene Hardy profile image60
    Eugene Hardyposted 5 years ago

    Should municipalities bar WalMart from their jurisdictional?

    This is question about commerce, small business and quality of life.

  2. BizVT34 profile image73
    BizVT34posted 5 years ago

    Eugene, you are correct this is a quality of life/standard of living question. And like most things in life and business.... it's a series of trade-offs and buts. Banning a Walmart would put a defacto tax (in the form of higher prices) on residents, particularly lower income residents in the area. But, it would also harm some small business owners who can't compete (or at least they can't compete if they aren't the only game in town). But it would add a lot of jobs for the community. Although you hear residents in many communities cry when Walmart decides to come to town, there sure seems to be enough people to fill the check out line. Walmart could be run out of every community in America if people decided not to shop at Walmart, they don't need government to make that decision for them.
    It seems to me that those opposed to Walmarts are not those who are low income and will benefit from  Walmart in their community via lower prices and more jobs. I'm always against government picking winners and losers in commerce and a decision to ban a Walmart in favor of local businesses at the expense of the low income residents seems to me like something governments should not be doing

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    Rob Pennposted 5 years ago

    When the poor people don't have the cheap shops they go without.

    They have to shop at the expensive shops, but they have to buy less.

    Before closing the market the governments need to increase the minimum wage so that we can all shop at these fancy independent stores.

    There is no perfect answer in this imperfect world.

    It does seem that the open market works best. With healthy competition. The lazy get less and the clever and hard workers get more.

    But there will always be those who suffer because of getting a bad start in life or who suffer from situations outside their control.