How can I effectively use twitter to market my hubs?

  1. breastpumpreviews profile image84
    breastpumpreviewsposted 6 years ago

    How can I effectively use twitter to market my hubs?

  2. Chuck Bluestein profile image58
    Chuck Bluesteinposted 6 years ago

    Follow people that would be interested in your hubs. For example if your hubs are about fashion then look at the followers of someone famous for fashion. Then follow their followers.

    Some of them will follow you back. For you here is Mama Natural. She has the funny videos on youtube called sh*t that crunchy mamas say like "we chose not to mutilate his genitals."?!/MamaNaturalBlog/followers  ?She has over 3,000 followers that you can follow. You have to copy and paste the link above since it does not work right if you click on to it since the entire link is not used. If you cannot get just search for Mama Natural on Twitter. Also Dr Sears has a book about babies so maybe he is on Twitter.

    You can follow up to 2,000 people to start with before you need to worry about how many followers you have. You will need around 1,900 followers before you can follow more than 2,000. After you see that people are not following you back, then you can unfollow them so you can follow more people.

    Also make sure to re-tweet others with good tweets. Then people will be more interested in your tweets. I have many interested in health following me. You can easily find me on Twitter. You can tweet your hubs on Twitter like I do.

  3. charmike4 profile image72
    charmike4posted 6 years ago

    Just tweet every hub that you create is one way. Another is to tweet about the things that you are interested in and write about in your hubs, that way you will also cultivate followers on twitter. Final tip - check out what is trending worldwide or the USA and write a hub or forum that is on trend.