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Has your job been affected by the economy?

  1. rfox21 profile image76
    rfox21posted 5 years ago

    Has your job been affected by the economy?

  2. Barnsey profile image81
    Barnseyposted 5 years ago

    Yes. I lost my job of 15 years because my employer could no longer afford the rising price of fuel and insurance. I went to other similar companies and they were having the same difficulties. When I applied for a position they refused to take my experience into consideration and offered me their starting rate of $8.50 an hour. What a punch in the ribcage that was. Still, I didn't even get the job. 15 years apparently means nothing in this odd state of uncivility we are living in! Instead I have tried to get a job everywhere and anywhere else and am having no luck. Here is an example of what I am up against. One job I applied to through careerbuilder kept stats of applicants and sent them to me. There were 372 other applicants for this one position, all with an average of 3-6 years experience but living within an average of a 20 mile radius from the place! While the rich fat bastards of this nation complain about how high their taxes are I wish i could just find employement. Someone needs a wake up call.

  3. rfox21 profile image76
    rfox21posted 5 years ago

    Wow...thanks for sharing.  I've written some tips on searching for jobs.  Have you also tried Monster.com?

  4. MatthewLeo1701 profile image72
    MatthewLeo1701posted 5 years ago

    My job has been affected in numerous ways. Most notably, my employers are raising the standards on everything and micromanaging almost every aspect of our work lives. They have it in their head that they can easily look through their huge stack of applications, replace any one of us with someone else who will do twice the work at half of the pay. The sad truth of it is, it that they are right. I am hoping that this is cyclical and will come full circle soon. I am weary and at my wits end. I keep hitting my chin on the bar they have raised and soon I do not think I will be able to compete.