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What Are The Most Lucrative Small Businesses?

  1. PhoenixV profile image73
    PhoenixVposted 5 years ago

    What Are The Most Lucrative Small Businesses?

    What Are The Most Lucrative Small Businesses? What are the most profitable businesses you can run out of your own home?

  2. BizVT34 profile image73
    BizVT34posted 5 years ago

    I evaluate hundred of small businesses each year (for 15 years). It's not about the industry or geography. The single most important trait to determine how lucrative the business is the quality of the owner/management.

  3. iTommyGuns profile image83
    iTommyGunsposted 5 years ago

    Ive been doing very with energy (electric and gas). The key is the right company. Feel free to message me for more details if you are in the US.

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    canorbisposted 5 years ago

    As more and more people across the world are strictly following austerity measures to tackle recession leading to a slow recovery they are also in search of a small scale business with low infrastructure cost to breakeven it more quickly. Here are some business opportunities with lower investments that can be operated even from the comforts of your home:

    1.    Establishing a teaching service business for school kids below 15 years of age is a nice business that will make profit quickly.With parents around the globe expecting their children to grow and glow in the education arena, this business, to a great extent, can be a solace to the community in general.
    2.    If you are good at singing or proficient in musical instruments , you can share such knowledge to a larger part of the population to make a good living
    3.    Business houses are in constant need of skilled, unskilled, technical , managerial personnel throughout their business cycle. If you can start a recruitment agency to provide those personnel matching the skill sets of the company‚Äôs needs, success is guaranteed with very minimum investment
    4.    Maintenance works are to be done periodically in all the houses and business establishments like electrical, plumbing, painting,carpentry, flooring,cleaning etc. If you can start one firm undertaking these maintenance works this could turn out to be a wonderful income opportunity
    5.    Proficiency in stitching, embroidery, fabric painting, jewellery making & design, craftwork can fetch you  huge income if it is studded with creativity
    6.    Helping small manufacturing companies to find markets abroad and to export those goods can be of immense income generator. For this you simply need an export- import license which can be easily attained and the overseas  markets can be found out by exploring the internet
    7.    If you are an expert cook or a baker you can start a bake house in your home with minimum investment and can make it big when supplying it to hotels, restaurants and bakeries