Would you be angry if a company hired Mexican laborers for a position you refuse

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    flacoinohioposted 4 years ago

    Would you be angry if a company hired Mexican laborers for a position you refused to apply for?

    I am friends with a man who is still angry about a lumber mill in his town hiring migrant Mexican laborers to fill open positions over 9 years ago.  He is having trouble finding steady employment and is blaming the lack of jobs on the migrant workers.   The company ran an ad in several  local newspapers for over six months for several positions that were never filled.  The open positions are considered to be dangerous and is physically demanding.  Local residents were outraged by the hiring of migrant workers even though locals refused to accept open positions.

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    cfinposted 4 years ago

    Heck, I know some people who are angry that I work in the US. My wife is from the US and my daughter was born here. I have a law degree and work as an accountant.
    I guess those people are just bitter bigots. It happens in every country and bad, bitter people exist in all walks of life. Best to just ignore these people and carry on. And lets not use the "tolerance" word. He shouldn't "tolerate" foreign workers. He should accept them.
    Without my countrymen, the US wouldn't have gotten very far. As a matter of fact, without immigrants, the US wouldn't exist. If people want this country to have a future (i.e ,my daughter) and citizens who are proud of it, then they need to stop this BS and open their minds.

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    alancaster149posted 4 years ago

    We have a similar problem, in that before the Olympic site was developed before 2012 the mayor of Newham Robin Wales (who happens to be a Scotsman) said there would be jobs for local residents.
    Could I get a job there? No, but there were hundreds of Eastern Europeans, Asians and Africans (many illegals, some with 'fishy' passports who were ejected fom various job agencies) who subsequently proved unsuitable for the security jobs they were given. The situation turned bad enough for the security firm responsible to be found wanting and the armed forces had to put staff in. several of the G4 Security managers were arrested for illegal status and other offences.
    It cost the Olympic organisers a lot more cash than they bargained for, and the building contractors had hiring problems of their own.
    Serves them right. As it is, the whole shebang went off fairly well and nobody noticed the 'cracks'.
    We have a lot of migrant gangs working in agriculture in the eastern counties, but the farmers who employ them pay silly wages, which is why no British workers will touch the jobs. They have their own problems, and then here are the Philipino and other hotel workers who also work fo peanuts. Asian workers in general work for their own kind, usually as 'halal' butchers and usually also illegal. Their employers have to pay a £5,000 fine per head when found out. (About $3,500?)