How do you get a demanding client to back off?

  1. nArchuleta profile image94
    nArchuletaposted 3 years ago

    How do you get a demanding client to back off?

    I have a very demanding client who only wants to pay me for 5 hours a week, yet she wants constant access to me. She wants to micro-manage every aspect of her business, yet she doesn't have time to do so. She sends me constant emails asking for status updates of actions that she has already approved and I have already completed. She has also hired a marketing student to take over all aspects of her business. Very unprofessional. Any advice?

  2. aesta1 profile image88
    aesta1posted 3 years ago

    Have a log of time spent with her even phone calls and present her with this. This is, however, adversarial.

    Make clear the parameters of your business relationship from the beginning, her expectations and your scope of involvement. The terms of reference for us is always clear and at the beginning, we make this even clearer by asking the clients their expectation. Then, we design a plan and again make them approve it.

    We are consultants and we have one rule we share with our team. Love the client especially the most difficult to death. Always make them feel they know better especially in public meetings.