How does Social Media change our lives? Does it make it better or worst?

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  1. mahsa setareh profile image80
    mahsa setarehposted 2 years ago

    How does Social Media change our lives? Does it make it better or worst?

    Social Media like facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat are popular apps/sites that are being used by us all the time...but how does that change our lives? Does it make it better or worst in terms of relationships, living style or even the way we do/say things?... How does that impact our future and the world we are going to make?

  2. ElvisaM profile image78
    ElvisaMposted 2 years ago

    It's freedom. Social medial today has some bad and some good. It's good for getting in touch with old friends or family across the globe, reading up on the news. We are more aware of everything that is happening in the world and basically anything can be read and watched online. Learning has become easier. Do a solid amount of time researching something you are interested in and you feel like you're a pro. There are some bad sides too. When people get online and decide to voice their opinion, more times than not, they lose the empathy in them and insult more then just comment. People are passionate about a subject and they feel like they have to be this computer warrior no matter who they may hurt. How many people have taken their lives because of cyber bullying? How many gruesome photos orvideos have you seen by clicking on a link? This eventually becomes depressing and I have to admit that the Gaza summer war made me feel helpless and useless. At one point I started thinking thoughts that only depression would bring and I acted (unlike many others who ultimately end up lost) and deleted all my profiles and devoted my life to only the people around me. Then we have the availability of information which is great but more times not. We get personally attached to politics in other countries and again, that brings back the vile comments that will surely brake you heart.  This is not going to stop either. It will only get bigger and meaner and even here on HUB, upon answering someones question, you will get at least one negative comment aimed at you directly. Then there is lack of privacy. You can learn everything you need about a person by scrolling down their Facebook page, even what they ate last night. You carelessly post photos that anyone can save and distribute. BUT you shouldn't let that affect you and I learned that the hard way. Check your privacy settings and if you get upset at something you have read, close the browser and go relax. You need this in today's world to function. We have become entirely too attached but I believe that if we limited our time online and devoted more time to the people around us, less people would suffer from anxiety and depression. (You know how your cheeks burn up when someone directly insults you)

  3. bradmasterOCcal profile image31
    bradmasterOCcalposted 2 years ago

    Social media does more potential damage than good. I personally believe that you can't put all your friends in the same room, and that is what the social media does with them.

    It is bad enough that the federal government spies on us, and the major businesses keep track of our purchases, and the government doesn't help safeguard our lives on the Internet.

    Potential employers also use the social media as reasons not to hire you.
    Hackers must think that social media is a cyber gift to learn how to hack you and even ruin your identity.

    Until the government, federal and state provide protection for the victims of social media membership, there is more damage that can be done on it, that good.

  4. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    Having a digital "permanent record" is becoming a negative, which is why you see more meme sharing versus personal sharing.
    The online hate mobs organized by SJWs against the target of the moment is downright evil.


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