A question re: Google adsense

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    Sunkist123posted 22 months ago

    A question re:  Google adsense

    I signed up for Google adsense when I signed up for Hubpages.  I haven't written anything for HP because there's too much "editorial interference" for posts that only generate page-view income.  The problem:  I've been putting together some posts to make a blog of my own, but found I can't use Google adsense on it because it's already connected to my HP account. 
    Would anyone here have advice or info?

  2. nochance profile image92
    nochanceposted 22 months ago

    You're able to add multiple websites to your google adsense account. You're going to have to do some looking in the help section of adsense because I don't know the exact steps. Depending on where your blog is hosted it could be as easy as adding the correct plugin or as hard as putting a small chunk of code in the html.

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    Sunkist123posted 22 months ago

    Thanks, Chloe, I appreciate the info!! 
    Have a nice day.