How to start a new career in a different country in my 40's?

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    agape9posted 20 months ago

    How to start a new career in a different country in my 40's?

    I have a Master's Degree in Journalism speak fluently 3 languages Italian, Polish and English. In my country I worked as journalist, writer, editor and translator. I am trying to figure out what to do in the US. I am eligible to work here and returning to my country is not an option... My English will never be as good as native speakers and writing is the only thing I know how to do. Should I change my career at 40?

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    claptonaposted 17 months ago

    Hello agape9,
    What makes you desire to remain in the U.S.?
    If you're an experienced writer, is it in Italian as your native language?
    I'm currently in Central America, where the cost of living is so much less.
    Watching the election process for president this year, I am happier then ever that I moved.
    Journalism, unless you're willing to put out the claptrap that most "journalist's" do these days, it's not much of a profession anymore. Newspapers and TV news shows are quickly losing audiences.
    The one's that are picking up an audience have their own websites and report the truth - a rare find in the media these days.
    What's stopping you from being a freelancer or having your own site where you actually report in an unbiased manner?
    Would be interested in hearing how you do!
    Best of luck!