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Work or life? What do you choose and what do you prefer between a successful car

  1. Alessio Ganci profile image64
    Alessio Ganciposted 21 months ago

    Work or life? What do you choose and what do you prefer between a successful career and a full life?

    Some people need to work full time because they simply need more money (for example, people who rented the house). But other people may choose to work full time only to improve their career and have more "high jobs". In this case what do you prefer: do you prefer having "high jobs" and work all day, putting your personal life at the last place, or do you prefer doing a simple part-time job (without aspiring to higher roles) and keep at the same time your personal life? For me, the second choice forever (also because I really love clerk's job and being in touch with customers). What about you?


  2. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 21 months ago


    One can have BOTH, believe it or not.   Highly successful people have fuller & happier lives than those who are less successful.  Highly successful people have the monetary means to support themselves & their families.  They are also less stressed because they are where they want in their careers.  They don't have to worry about making ends met.  They have the discretionary income to do as they please.  They can provide a better lifestyle for their children.  They don't have the money worries which cause them to be stressed & unhappy.  Their happiness with their situation extends to their relationship w/ their families.  One can say highly successful people OWN their jobs/careers & such shows in their overall life quality.

    Conversely, less successful people aren't happy where they are career-wise.  They oftentimes have money worries as they cannot fully provide for their families.  They experience stress levels because they are clearly unhappy where they are in their jobs/careers.  This unhappiness brews over to their families.  Less successful people tend to be abusive spouses because they take out their job/career frustrations on their families.  Less successful people don't have a full life because they are stressed regarding their job/career situation.  They really don't own their jobs/careers because the latter OWNS them.

  3. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 20 months ago

    There is a minimum standard - can you feed your family, support them? If your family is starving, freezing, desperate, it is hard to have a life.
    Meet the basic needs, then you can choose between levels of comfort. What lifestyle you want and how hard you want to work to achieve it is your decision.

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    claptonaposted 18 months ago

    Really doesn't matter what I think or what you think others are doing that makes them happy
    The key to life is this question, "What makes me happy and content?"
    I've met people who are extremely poor, having no idea if next week they'll have food. But, they were some of the nicest, kindest people I've ever met.
    I've also had the opportunity to meet people who had so much money, they could never spend it in their lifetime. Some were extremely rude, not nice to be around and felt they deserved better treatment because of their wealth.
    But, also in the group of rich people, there are some pretty kind and generous people.
    All has to do with a mind set.

    1. Alessio Ganci profile image64
      Alessio Ganciposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      The same I think. For me, my dream is being a clerk or opening a cafè... now I work as a clerk when I have opportunities, but in the next two years I will open my cafè! I love contact with clients, I would never see me as a manager, lawyer, or other!