Who is focused Leader ?

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    Ajuysharmaposted 19 months ago

    Who is focused Leader ?

    I am working in International Trade since 2009 and have worked with various people so many bosses but still unable to know the qualities a focused leader having.

    Is Empathy necessary for a focused leader ?

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    writejtposted 18 months ago

    Leadership is nothing but directing  attention always to the desired direction. This entails leaders to be well aware of ones aim and focus own attention. Focus, signifies concentration, as well as filtering out distractions. But recent research in neuroscience shows that we focus in many ways, for different purposes, drawing on different neural pathways—some of which work in concert, while others tend to stand in opposition.

    Leaders can be Internally-Focused, where the set agenda takes prcedence, Externally-Focused, where all of the outside forces get primary attention, Strategically-Focused, where ones focus is consistently on ones aim. A well focused leader finds a healthy balance between servicing internal needs and external threats while leading the organization to the destination.