What to do when bullied by subordinate and manager?

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    Bent Haloposted 14 months ago

    What to do when bullied by subordinate and manager?

    I've only been on this new unit a little over a year....I know that I'm a bit of an introvert,as a result the LPN I've been working with swears like a female trucker,has made snide,caustic remarks toward me and about me,reports my every move to the Unit Manager (they're friends) making my work life uncomfortable.   
          No matter how hard I try, I'm either criticised/discounted, or chastised by one or both...It's either no feedback or Negative feedback...I've requested a transfer to another unit/shift that has yet to materialize....Help,feeling anxious and fearful of being one mistake away

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    threekeysposted 14 months ago

    I wish I could comfort you. I think you have two choices. You bypass HR and go STRAIGHT to THE TOP and let them know what you have been experiencing. Keep a log of times, dates, places, incidences and how it made you feel or if it made you act atypically. Or, transfer to another section. Just as you have done. In the meanwhile? Remind yourself daily what you like/admire/value about yourself. It will be hard at first especially if you are being bombarded with words that insult or hurt you. However, still try to maintain an air of cordiality, diplomacy and acting as if their ugly hurtful words are just slipping off your back. You can do it.  Im thinking of you.
    PS. Introverts are extroverts too. Just depends who you are with. With some people you may be happy to listen and nod. Then with others, I bet you can talk under water to them!