How to increase organic website traffic ?

  1. myjobalarm profile image60
    myjobalarmposted 11 months ago

    How to increase organic website traffic ?

    Hi Friends , I have created a website and needs a heavy traffic on this. Please help me and share your expert comment.

  2. Alex muiruri profile image53
    Alex muiruriposted 11 months ago

    Hey, I created my website lately too (, and one thing I have come to realize, the hardest part in creating a website is finding and engaging your target audience.
    See, there are some who will search for content on Search engines, like google, some on social media, and others on hubs like this one.
    Therefore the best way to find audience is by advertising, and connecting to people through all platforms Social media and Hubs, as well as other blogs (Commenting, and guest blogging.)