What challenge or challenges are getting in the way of people having the success

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    Calvin Gakaposted 9 months ago

    What challenge or challenges are getting in the way of people having the success they want today ?

    Feel free to go in depth if you can

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    Sparks66posted 9 months ago

    I fall into the "millennial" category, and when I first decided I was going to go to college and study, my parents both turned to me and said well dear that is a waste, there will always be someone better and smarter than you are. I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. I am now about 25,000 dollars in debt working for 14 dollars an hour in my field I've been in for 4 years now living in my parents basement because I cant even afford to work full time and live on my own.

    Some people choose to have children early. I am not by any means judging those people! I am stating that life is already challenging enough as a single person, then you throw in your significant other, their family, your family, your children, plus you need to still be able to have your own life WHILE still supporting yourself.

    For me since I am still working on finding my way in the world. I think the most challenging things is knowing what all your options are, figuring out if secondary education is right for you and if you can even afford it. (I'm actually in the position right now that I may need to return to school considering a preexisting medical condition is preventing me from working as of this past month). As well as pressures from your family and people you are close to since those people are the ones you go to, to talk about your life and what you think you should do in order to get feedback of someone else's experiences since you yourself don't know.