Brown Bailout

  1. Michael Adams1959 profile image78
    Michael Adams1959posted 7 years ago

    Does everyone else with Google Ads have the brown bailout ad on their site here at hubpages? I am for one sick and tired of seeing this ad. It is a lie by fedex and needs to be off the site. It was not thought out before being placed as a google ad. I have gone to my google adsense  used every possible way to block this ad on my sites and it still comes on. How do I once and for all get it off? PLease see the site It explains what is going on between UPS and the lessor Fedex. I encourage anyone interested in fair laws concerning fair regulations and fair trade to block this ad. Yes, I am a UPS employee but I still would be against this ad.  This is a blatant lie by Fedex against UP{S and ads like this need to be stopped. Looking forward to replies.