So you just got laid off and you don't know what to do.

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    UCAN clubposted 9 years ago

    Well guess what, the sky is the limit.  U Can do anything if you just believe.  Immediately, assess your gifts, what are your talents?  If you can play any instrument - You just became a teacher and you must start immediately to promote your musical lessons using www.craigslist (according to your city location)  If you are not advance then teach and promote only Beginner lessons.  Give what talent has been given to you.  Make your music lessons more attractive by offering mobile lessons in your area. As you gain more students, take lessons yourself from someone who can advance your skills.  As your skills become advance you can began to teach advance lessons.

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    The Industry Gianposted 9 years ago

    Thirty five years ago when my parents split up, my Mom did the exact same thing. She started teaching piano. Think about it, a stay at home MOM, recently separated with four kids. She had a teachers degree, but with her youngest being a year old, a job outside the home was not a viable alternative.

    Mom has built her business, developed a highly specialized niche by teaching music theory. Being a course of study, most music teachers would rather not teach many of her students are referred to her.

    She owns her own home, has a retirement income, successfully raised four kids and 21 cats, drives a new vehicle. Mom epitomizes exactly what UCAN was sharing in their post.

    If you have had a major life change, job loss, or partner loss, U Can start over exploiting your talents. Mom did.