Starting a new adventure

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    ChurchOfOpenSkyposted 7 years ago

    Being a leader sometimes means taking a risk. God is sometimes prompts Men, Great and small to take a plunge into the Jordan and come up and start a whole new ministry.

    Jesus did and died three years later. So what are the things for starting something that lasts the test of time. Well, you need a board. Get 12 guys that capture your dream and eat and sleep with it and run with it.

    They will begin to think like you but still want to learn from you. Board members are to be hard working and devoted. If not vote them off and draw lots to get a new one. Judas's just leave and betray you and your company and themselves in the end.

    Get some one like Matthias a guy that is just you know meant to be. Some board members are a bit hasty when the stock market is taking a hit, but you know they usually have good instincts and loyal to the company in the end. The intuitive end up being the CEO's. They know what is good for business. Take Peter for example. Bit hasty with the sword and did deny Christ THREE times, but He ended up being the CEO. He had faith in the product namely Jesus was the Messiah that is Saviour and hmm He did walk on water. The Guy had faith!!!

    All leaders need followers. Leaders need men prepared to live,eat and breath what the company wants and needs. Know any fishermen? Looks like the Church will probalby be the only large multi national company establish over 2000 years that is having a positive growth in business.

    Leaders, forget business. Put time into your board members and let them run the company for you. Take them around to where the potential marketplaces are. Travel extensively even if is on the cheap.

    Do not forget to eat and break bread and have some wine for your stomach. If invited to a party with a drug pusher or a gun runner or mafia, DO NOT refuse. Do not hang around nice society. Mix it with the "WRONG" crowd. You will find out they are just as corrupt as  "nice" socitey so just love them to bits.

    The bottom line. Love God, serve the company, Honour the rulers of the land and Fear the God of Abraham. Oh and work hard and be good to your mother!!!

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    humiliposted 6 years ago

    I found a great leader by the way and I am impressed by his determination and passion!

    You may want to take a look!

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