How to present product to marketing company

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    JERRY_jposted 7 years ago

    I need an idea on how to present my product to marketing company. how do i communicate with  them? what means to reach the company? how do i start pleas your advice are welcome.

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      sniper12posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Business is a sensitive issue now a days. First to market the product, you must have an effective marketing strategy and set of objectives.

      Anyway getting straight to the point, to market the product you first have to do a marketing research. This is called a primary research. Through this you would be able to know, what types of marketing companies operating in the market and how they operate.

      Then you must find out the significance of your product according to the need of the market. If you are producing something with high demand then presenting your product would be very easy.

      On the other hand, presenting an identical product in the market could take some time but brings success in the long run. In this case, you have to focus on the price of your products, communication between the business and market, legislations etc.

      To become successful in the market, you must set your own price so that the marketing company find it easy to market your products. If they notice that due to the high price they are unable to market the products then they might stop doing business with you. So it is your responsibility to be always focused about your price. Unless you understand the pattern of the market and affordability of the customers then the marketing company cannot help you neither they can interfere in your price setting.

      So when, setting the price you have to consider that if you cannot set the lowest price then you must present some uniqueness of you product or service. This will help the marketing company to find suitable customers for you.

      Before communicating any marketing company, find out who can offer you best possible best marketing tactics with lower budget. This would be an effective business deal when negotiating with marketing organisations and motivate them to convince the real customers in the market.

      There are several ways to reach the company. You first have to create a database for different groups. These groups would be corporate, marketing, and customers. In the database you will have all the details of the every group such as important telephone numbers or email addresses.

      Then you could call them to find out what services they can provide you and what are the drawbacks and positive outcomes.

      You also have to divide the market in different segments so that the marketing organisation and customers do not find it hard to differentiate your product with an identical product or service. so like we see in banks they offer ' Graduate Account' , ' Reward account' etc these are nothing but just to convince different group of people of different age range, taste, behaviour etc. Then your business strategy would become very clear to you and to the customers. This way you can market your product easily in the market. Tell people about your objectives not as a business sense but as a customer sense to make their every penny worth.

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        JERRY_jposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        thanks  for your reply. i get more clear picture about the business.