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which one is better filed in computer? SEO or programming?

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    khmohsinposted 6 years ago

    which one is better filed in computer? SEO or programming?

    1. Ultimate Hubber profile image66
      Ultimate Hubberposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Do you mean fIEld?
      I have done both and I would say it depends on your aptitude. If you have a nerdy attitude then go for programming. SEO on the other hand is for people who have interest in marketing and entrepreneurship.

    2. webguyonline profile image54
      webguyonlineposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      both of them are important, but if will choose I'll go with SEO

  2. Rosendo2 profile image57
    Rosendo2posted 6 years ago

    Programming is mostly into codes. If you really love memorizing these codes better to choice would be programming.

    SEO - Particularly on planning and optimization for a website. How could be your site be visible to the search engines and many others. Mostly you will be focusing here about the traffic of a website that will turn into a profitable leads.

  3. dusy7969 profile image60
    dusy7969posted 6 years ago

    Both files have their own importance. If you are intelligent, your mind works logically and your math is good then i would recommend you to join Programming.

    But if you don't like code, notepad etc, then you can join SEO field.

    Both works fine, it is upto you what you like,not like. How much interest you have in selected filed.