Heard that my company might be "trimming" the amount of workers...

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  1. SPomposello profile image79
    SPomposelloposted 7 years ago

    I'm a little concerned about things at my job. I work at a psych hospital that is under a union (1199) and as of late, lots of staff members have been floating to different floors due to too much staff. My co-worker told me he heard that possibly in December or January they *might* have to trim staff. Supposedly, if they proceed, the plan is to give the workers who have been there for 10 or more years a buy out package BUT if they say no and they want to keep working, then they're gonna start targeting us new people like me. I've only been there 9 months, several other new ppl started with me or a couple months after me.

    I know maybe I'm jumping the gun, but I'm a bit concerned because my wife and I just got a new apartment where the rent is a little more due to it having lots of space (which we need). I asked my co-worker if we could talk to a union delegate/representative perhaps, he said they'll just pretend like nothing is going on and tell you everything is fine because they're trying to save 1199 and not its workers.

    Now I have a 2nd job outside of the psych place but I get paid way less, so even if I lose the psych job, I'll still have a job but it might be a bit of a struggle though due to the new apartment's rent.

    Any advice? I'm just really worried right now. Maybe everything will turn out okay and I'll still have both jobs by the time 2012 rolls around, but still, you know...

  2. Mighty Mom profile image87
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    Wow. That's a potentially scary situation.
    Although I must say it's refreshing to hear about a psych hospital that is overstaffed --  so many services for the mentally ill have been cut in recent years.
    You don't say what you do at the psych hospital. Is your work specific to psychology or psychiatry? Could you perform the same work at another type of hospital?
    I'm not suggesting jumping ship, just wondering what options there might be if the worst happens.
    But... the best thing to do (in my experience) is the very best job you can. Be a model worker, make yourself as invaluable as possible.
    You actually sound like you might be in a decent position. Not subject to the buyouts of the 10+ years employees and not the last one in, either.
    Try not to listen to rumors.
    As to your union. Without the union members (e.g., the employees) there is no union to save, is there???

    1. SPomposello profile image79
      SPomposelloposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I'm a patient care technician. Medically speaking, we do EKG's, Phlebotomy, vitals, and finger sticks. From a patient care and psychiatric standpoint, our job is to also make sure no one gets into any fights, has any sex, goes into anyone's room that is not their own, and basically to make sure everybody is safe.

      I hope I'm in a decent position. Since I've been there, I have not used any of my sick time nor I have been late at all, my attendance has been perfect.

  3. JLBender profile image70
    JLBenderposted 7 years ago

    Just keep working hard and be valuable to them. I don't care how long you have been there, if you are valuable they will not let you go. Try not to worry about it too much. I know that is hard, but believe me it will help with the stress. I worked for a small company of about 200. After 66 people were laid off, I always feared that I was next. It felt like I had to look over my shoulder every day to see what was going on behind closed doors. I eventually left the company because the work envirnment for me was very stressfull. Now, I wish I would have hung in there.


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