How to Survive the credit crunch

  1. andyjhunt profile image61
    andyjhuntposted 9 years ago

    I just submitted a new hub which I felt was the right
    time; in this economic climate, its the folks that
    believe their jobs are safe, are the ones who are
    being misled by their employers!

    Its the small entrepreneur who has the desire to
    change his/her life.... these are the people who
    will come out on top, when we come out the
    other side of this dark tunnel!

    Success and great things.

    Andy Hunt

    1. Coolbreezing profile image73
      Coolbreezingposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I agree to a certain extent Andy because it’s true that small businesses are more flexible. Most small businesses applied what is known as a focus strategy because their markets are very often narrow. Which then mean if they want to branch out into different types of business, they can quickly do so? Having not to worry about operation cost as much, the transition can be easier. However though, the folks who believe that their jobs are safe are not all lunatics. First it would depend on the types of job that person is employed to do. Not all jobs are affected by the economic crisis, some do flurry even under bad weather. For every crisis that ever occurred, opportunities have fallowed alone, regardless of the nature of the cause. In a sense where ever there’s difficulties opportunity exist. The opportunities are not just for small business sometime it’s the big business that benefits the most. Take for example the mortgage crisis, wouldn’t you say the big business benefit from it. Without a doubt    ….it was wealth redistribution to the most upfront. A lots of big real-estate companies profited big time by buying out land and foreclosure property to be resold at market value in later time. Think about it  …

  2. AEvans profile image80
    AEvansposted 9 years ago

    my recommendation is to keep your money out of the banks as it is an eternity before you get it back always keep some cash on hand and don't overspend , if you can't afford don't buy