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Part 2: 101 Ideas for Article Topics on Hub Pages

Updated on October 20, 2012

This is part 2 in a series of topics for articles and hubs. These ideas can be used across all writing platforms and blogs. if you haven't read part 1 be sure to check it out for even more ideas.


TV Characters Against Each Other:

Original Movies v's New Remakes:

TV Shows v's Their Spin-Offs:

Books v's Their Movie Adaptations:

TV Show v's Movie Spin-Off:

Movie v's TV Spin-Off:

How-To & Education

How to Learn an Instrument: Everyday, there are people picking up an instrument for the first time. If you know how to play an instrument, writing a hub that shares your tips for beginners would make a great hub. You may decide to go that step further and create a series of beginner's tutorial hubs covering the basics of playing a specific instrument.

Hairstyles: You could create countless hubs on different hairstyles for daytime, evening, formal, proms, weddings. Don't forget that for this type of a hub pictures are essential.

Create That Make-Up Look: Share your make-up techniques for creating different looks for different occasions. Pictures are also essential here.

Learn a Language: Share a useful hub on some common survival phrases that a person would need to know when travelling to certain countries. Better yet, through a series of hubs you could create a beginners tutorial for learning a particular language.

Learn to... Draw, paint, photograph animals, scrapbooking... I I could go on and on here.

Maths Help: Do you consider yourself pretty talented when it comes to maths. I certainly don't and would have benefited from some mathematics hubs when I was in high-school, especially if it explained difficult concepts to me in a more simplified manner. This hub would also be targeted to parents who help their kids with their homework.


Gig Reviews: Still buzzing after the latest band you saw live? Writing a hub reviewing a recent concert you attended makes a great for their fans.

Cheap Entertainment: Do you know how to have fun for little money. Share those tips!

Profile a Musician: Profiling a local independent musician is a great way to help the local music scene in your community whilst promoting a talented artist. You could use the text module to create a biography and the YouTube modules to showcase them in action.

Food & Cooking

Specialized Diets: There are many reasons why people are on a specialized diet such as gluten-free, vegan or the raw food diet. If you are on a specialized diet, why not share your experience about how the diet has affected you and the reason behind it. You may also want to write a hubs that focuses on local restaurants that cater to these diets. As a person that cannot eat gluten or dairy, I have spent countless hours researching these topics and would love to find a hub that helps me find places that I can eat at.

Favorite Recipes: What's your favorite recipe?

Organic Cooking: Teaching Kids To Cook:

Green Living

Recycling Tips: Recycling is always a hot topic these days. Creating a hub around the topic of recycling household goods is always a favorite.

Green Living: People love reading about how they can turn their homes 'green' especially if saving money is involved! Think about all the different ways that you are being green in your own home and turn this information into a hub.

Health & Medicine

Health Prevention: Do you have an active and healthy lifestyle? If so, you can always write a hub offering advice on how your readers can keep a healthy lifestyle whilst preventing certain health conditions.

Health Conditions: If you work in the health industry you are in the perfect position to create hubs on specific health conditions. You should include general information about the condition, a list of symptoms to watch out for and how to proceed with treatment. These hubs could easily be linked to the health prevention hubs.

Home & Garden

How to Save Money at Home: Saving money will always be a popular topic. Have a think of all the different ways you save money at home and compile these hints into a hub.

Room Makeovers: Share your room makeover tips with your readers on a hub. Don't forget to include plenty of pictures!

Household Chores. Vegetable Garden Information: The home vegetable garden is becoming increasingly popular these days. However, just because you want to grown a veggie garden, doesn't mean that it will be a success. If you have a green thumb consider sharing your gardening tips on Hub Pages.

Specific Plant Guides:


Top 10 Lists: Funny Limericks:

Funny Photographs or Signs:

A Funny Thing Happened:

Funny Movies, Shows, Books:

Hub Pages

Tips For A Great Hub: Are you a pro at creating high ranking hubs? Consider sharing the knowledge you have learnt in a hub.

Understanding Hub Pages: Hub Pages can be a pretty daunting place for 'newbies.' Have some tips that will make the transition easier?


Promote Events: Does your local town hold annual events? Creating a hub is the perfect no-fuss way to promote the event. Add photographs of last year's events and testimonials for further effect.

Restaurant Guide: Do you know where the best restaurant in your town is located?

Best Cup of Coffee: Never, and I mean never, underestimate a great cup of coffee. If you know which coffee shop brews the best coffee in your town, it's your duty to share this information.

Unknown Facts About Your Town: Every town is brimming with great facts and trivia. Write up a hub promoting your local town.

Hidden Tourist Gems: You can bet that most people will Google their vacation destination before going on holidays.

Movies & TV

Movie Reviews: Television Show Reviews: Writing about television shows that you are passionate can really come across as a great hub and the topic would have a long relevancy all year around as shows air and are in syndication at all different times of year world wide.

DVD Reviews:When reviewing a DVD, always ensure to also review the special features that come with a DVD. Otherwise, your DVD review may as just as well be an ordinary movie review.

Top 10 Celebrity Lists: You can really have fun with this one - the possibilities are endless! Top 10 Child Star, Top 10 Reality Stars, Top 10 TV Couples


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      Ness 5 years ago from Australia

      You're welcome. Glad you liked it!

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      miss1magination 5 years ago

      I'll bookmark this hub, Thankyou for all these great for idea's.

      'Voted Up'

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      Thanks for the read and the feedback drspaneil. It's much appreciated. And thanks for the heads up I'll go check that out now.

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      drspaniel 5 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      A great article! This is very well structured and laid out,and not to mention very easy to read :D A fantastic addition to the HubPages website. Although, there is a art at the end which doesn't seem quite finished yet...