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Part 1: 101 Ideas for Article Topics on Hub Pages

Updated on October 11, 2012

Hub Pages is a community driven website that allows its members to create hubs on practically any topic that you can think of! What's a hub you may ask? Well think of it like a one page website. Your hub is focused entirely on one niche topic. You can add text, videos, pictures and links that bring your hub to life. Another great thing about Hub Pages is that you can make money by adding affiliate modules from big names such as Amazon and eBay. Hub Pages also splits a portion of their revenue with their HUbbers. So not only do you get to write about what you are passionate about, you also get paid for it! Not a bad deal

About Me

Funny Memories: If you are like most people, you life will have been filled with humorous moments; an experience that has stayed with you and always brings you laughter when you think about it.

Sad Memories: Unfortunately, life can have its sad moments. Sometimes writing these down can be very cathartic.

Happy Memories: Happy memories can be those big moments such as the birth of your child, your wedding day or your 21st birthday. You may decide to write about those smaller life changing moments, such as overcoming a phobia or finally travelling to a country that you have been yearning to visit.

My Goals: Publicly affirming your goals to friends and family can be a great motivator to actually helping you to achieve your goals. When you publically declare your goals, you are accountable for them, and that just may be the kick you need to keep you moving towards them.

A Day In Life Of: Are you a banker, a teacher, an artist? Creating a hub that details what occurs in a typical day at your job, is a great way to entertain a reader. Think of it like a work diary.


Pet Care: This topic has endless opportunities. You may decide to have a single general hub on dog care, or could have multiple detailed hubs on subtopics such as Caring For a Labrador.

Pet Health: Many people are simple unaware of the many health conditions that can affect an animal. Creating a hub that highlights specific pet related health conditions will target animal lovers.

Cute Animal Photos: Cute animal pictures, especially kittens and puppies, are huge on the internet.

Famous Animals: Skippy, Lassie, Old Yeller, Benji, Babe are just a few of the famous animals out there worthy of their very own hub!

Animal F.A.Q: This type of hub could either take on a humorous tone or a serious one. If you opt for a humorous one, each frequently asked question, could be constructed in a satirical form. If you choose the serious path, your hubs could act as an informative guide for new prospective pet owners who are planning to adopt a new animal.


Art History: This one has countless possibilities.

Biography of an Artist: Are you a fan of Picasso, Renoir or Warhol? Writing a biographical hub on your favorite artist is a great way to honor them.

Dissect a Painting: Writing a review on your favorite painting is a good way to entice healthy feedback banter in your guestbook.

Recycled Art: Do you know how to turn household 'trash' into art? Share your tips in a Hub Pages hub

Your Portfolio: Are you an artist? Showcasing your portfolio online is a great way to promote yourself as an artist.

Photographic Review: There are so many talented photographers out there. Choose your favourite photograph and write up an objective review on it. You will not only be promoting a photographer, but you will also be providing your readers with thought provoking content.


Reviews: Are you an avid reader? Have you read a book that you have loved completely or it did it leave you feeling cheated? Share your reviews on a hub and find out other people's thought about the book.

Book Recommendations: There are so many books out there, that finding a good book on any topic can be a time-consuming task. Creating lists that specifically relate to a niche or demographic is a great way to combine affiliate marketing and good content.

Self-Publishing: Do you have any tips for wannabe self publishers?

Audio Books:Audio books can be a great time saver to catching up on the latest books, however, not all audio books are worth the listen. Some narrations can actually put you off the book. Some sites such as do allow you to have a preview of the narration, however, the preview is limited to only 30 seconds. If you have listened to a great audio book, you could write a hub on this, making comment to the narration and whether or not it suited the flow of the story.

Autobiographies: I find autobiographies so fascinating. It's always interesting to read about another person's challenges and to see how they have overcome them.

Book and Movie Adaption Comparison: Top 10 Book Lists: Top 10 horror books, top 10 sci-fi books, Top 10 break-up books... you get the drift.

Fictional Character Biographies:


Starting a Business: Starting a business is a very important time in one's life. Creating a hub that has useful information for businesses in the start-up phase is always a good idea. However, try not to make the hub too general as focusing on a specific business sub topic is more likely to engage your readers.

Business Marketing: Do you have business marketing skills? Creating a hub giving your readers pointers and tips to help them bring more traffic to their business is a great way to encourage return visits.

Business Ideas: Creating a hub that will inspire your readers with business ideas is an invaluable resource for people wanting to start up a business.

What Not To Do In Business: Sometimes, the greatest business lessons are learnt from our mistakes. Sharing those mistakes and the lessons that you have learnt from them makes a great hub.

Cars and Trucks

Car Buying Tips: Buying a car is a pretty daunting experience for most. Writing a hub advising readers on how to purchase a quality car for less is an invaluable read. You could either opt to have a broad hub on cars in general, or focus on specific car models.

Mechanic Review: Unfortunately, many people do not trust car mechanics. Just like with most things, the few minority unethical mechanics, creates a bad name for all mechanics! Creating a hub that helps people to pick out a good mechanic would make a great hub. Alternatively, you could even showcase a mechanic that you know to be trustworthy and ethical.

Car Enthusiast: Writing a hub on certain car models will appeal to the forever growing car fans.

Car Accessories: This could be a broad overview on car accessories in general, or yet again, you could cover accessories specific to each car model.

Computers, Gadgets & Tech

Software Tutorials: Are you proficient in a specific software ? You can create multiple tutorial hubs teaching your readers how to use the software.

Vista Tips: Do you know how to make Vista more efficient or how to customize it for a specific need? You would be surprised at how useful this information is for those (like myself) who only use the default settings.

Troubleshooting: Computer Hardware Review: New Gadget Review: It seems that every week a new gadget hit the market. Do you have one of these shiny new gadgets? Share your objective reviews with your readers in a hub.

Buying Tips: Purchasing new computer equipment or gadgets can be a daunting experience. Writing up guides to help consumers make the right buying choices is always well appreciated.

DIY & Hobbies

How To Guides: I have noticed that many people don't give themselves proper credit for their skills. They may think that everyone knows how to do what they do, however, that is not the case. We are all unique and different in so many ways. Some of us may be great in the kitchen, others may know how to fix a crashing computer, or be fantastic gardeners. Creating a hub that shares those niche skills is always a favorite amongst readers.

Specialized Collections: Do you collect baseball cards, badges, stamps? Writing a hub full of information on your hobby is a great way to target a specific niche demographic.

Dress Patterns: Knitting Patterns: Crafts for Kids: This one has lots of potential. Create a series of hubs on different craft ideas. Try to focus on a specific niche, for example, primary school kids craft, summer crafts or free crafts.


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    • WebsiteConfetti profile image

      Ness 5 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment Julie DeNeen. It's very much appreciated!

    • Julie DeNeen profile image

      Blurter of Indiscretions 5 years ago from Clinton CT

      Great ideas. I love hubs about ideas... :)