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Make Money Grow |4 Phrase Formulae to Write a Provocative Hub Title

Updated on June 19, 2013

The activity of earning income online solely depends on traffic generation. The more traffic you generate from your site, the more money you make. It’s just as simple as that. 6 word formulae to write a catchy hub title to boast viral traffic and maximize your hub earnings shows a simple yet powerful formula with simple tricks to help your craft an eye catching hub title.

The crashing global economy live millions of people around the world without jobs. Many are searching online for opportunities to make money. Success of these opportunities seekers hinges strongly around the amount and type of traffic they are able to generate. If you don’t know how best to generate enough traffic to your site, I suggest you take time to learn this tricks. Learn SEO techniques if making money online are your aim. It may sound complicated at first but believe me it is just the fancy terms used that scares the hell out of us. The practicalities of SEO are so simple that you don’t even need a degree in computer science to do it. It’s just a matter of committing quality time to researching and learning SEO techniques. No magic formula with SEO. If you want to be successful, learn it.

Maybe the reason you are reading this hub is because you want increase traffic to your hubs by creating catchy hub titles and maximize your hub earnings. It could be that or maybe, you didn’t intend to read this hub but the title got you enticed enough to click the link. Either way, you made a right choice because I will show you powerful formulae I use to title my hubs and maximize my hub earnings.

My story

I joined Hub Pages with two goals in mind. It was 7 months ago. First, was to make money online. Second was to enjoy the pleasure of self-publication. You can say I have ‘never say die’ spirit. That when I set my mind onto something, I refuse to rest until I get it. If I fail, I learn from it and do it better the next time. I decide to learn all the tricks I could possibly learn to make money grow. I learnt SEO techniques right here. Experimented the tricks, failed, learnt and now I enjoy waking up every morning to a growing dollar sign every time I log into my Hub Pages account.

Sign up

There is real money to make with Hub Pages if you just do it right. If you wish to join the Hub Pages community and write for income online click the link below and join now.

Click here:

My vigorous research effort finally paid off as I stumbled upon a powerful formula in a forum I was participating. The person who said it didn’t know that, I needed that information so much. Thanks to my unknown friend. I further developed and tested that formula and guess what, my AdSense earning shoot up to two dollars a day. You estimate the monthly earning. May not be much, but I earn a descent income. As my hubs age and I master the art of creative and commercial writing and effective SEO and article marketing techniques, my hubs will rank well in search engines and I will make lot of money. Nothing is impossible.

I tested the formula in various blogs as a ghost blogger. Response was so encouraging that I decided to put together this hub to share what I have learnt. To make the story short…A catchy title and low competition keywords/key phrases got more organic traffic and increased my hub earnings.

Before I reveal the formula, I wish to show you few tricks. Learn them by heart. The formulae are actually made up of this tricks so pay close attention

5 Tricks to write a catchy hub title

1. Use number: Do you realize that many magazine newspapers or journals use number in their titles. They don’t use these numbers for nothing. Human are prone to quick comparisons and having the number in the titles quickly captures the reader’s attention.

2. Use interesting adjectives: Title is the road map of your entire article. Using interesting adjectives in your title will no doubt, wet the readers appetite to read more. Next time you publish a hub, try including interesting adjectives like; Fun, free, absolute, essential, strange, and effortless and see the response. There are countless adjectives you can use. Find out which one closely relates to your article.

3. Unique rationale: You may want to consider using words that make rationalize an even or an object. Try using words like; Reasons, principles, facts, lessons, ideas, ways, secrets etc.

4. Use trigger words: Now I call this trigger word simply because once seen or read, these words automatically equips the mind of the reader to look for an answer. You already had his attention captured. Use question words like; what, why, how and when. These words definitely trigger reaction.

5. Make an audacious promise: Boldly promise you readers to provide something valuable. What you want to do is to dare your reader to read your article. Don’t over promise but be bold and seductive in the most innocuous way possible. Be dangerous. AND. Deliver what you promise. If you don’t you lose big time.

The powerful formula

Here is the formula:

Number or Trigger Word+ Adjective + Keyword + Promise = Catchy title = More money

Let’s take some example

Say you your topic is Skinning a goat

You can write a titled “How to skin a goat” or “Why I love skinning a goat

Applying our formula above, you can title your hub like this;

Number or Trigger Word+ Adjective + Keyword + Promise = Catchy title = More money

10 strange ways to skin a goat in the paddock

Take another example “How to earn one thousand dollars in Hub Pages in less than one month

I figure this example to be a bit more dangerous. Better to use it when you actually have achieved the result yourself because critical readers will be asking for evidence. Don’t be caught red handed buy saying something you haven’t done yourself.


The bottom line is to deliver what your promise in your title. If you aren’t careful, you can loss more readers just as easy as your attracted them. Be honest with yourself and treasure your readers as they are the ones who will bring money into your account. Treat them bad, and you loss. Not them.


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    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 5 years ago from USA

      I think you are on to something smart here. Your formula makes a lot of sense. I will try it with my next title. Come to think of it, in the hubs where I already use some of your techniques I am receiving the highest number of readers. Thank you for the solution to creating effective titles.

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      tillsontitan. Appreciate your comment and vote. As a matter of fact, every little thing we do to our articles, determines how Google or other search engines rank our hubs. Im glad you added some value to the hub with your comment.

      Happy hubbing

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      We all strive to improve and it looks like your ideas might do just that. Advertisers and search engines live by a different creed than we do and trying to understand them isn't always easy.

      Voted this up, useful, and interesting!

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Hi anamika, thanks for reading and voting.

    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      This was an interesting read and definitely makes sense. Thanks for sharing! Hub voted up!

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Thanks Aubry reading, commenting voting and sharing it. Appreciate your kindness


    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      Very informative hub! Voted up and shared with my followers. Thanks a lot.


    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      hahaha Chris. Thanks much for the comment.


    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      I think you might be giving us some very good ideas. I will look at some of my hubs and amend them, especially the titles.

      You won't find me writing about skinning goats though.

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea


      Appreciate your comment. You said it all. Cheers.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada

      Very interesting! I think you're on to something. Promising something is a principle of good copywriting, so this makes sense. I will keep this idea in mind when constructing my titles. Take care!


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