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An Open Letter to Author Bill Holland (Billybuc)

Updated on September 11, 2016


Congratulations, my friend, on reaching 3 years here at Hubpages.

What a wild ride it has been, yes?

Having joined Hubpages within months of each other, I always felt a sense of camaraderie with you—like we're out to save the world with words. It has been a pleasurable journey watching you flourish into a stunningly prolific writer and someone I am honored to call a friend.

Hello from sunny California! I kid, I kid, it's raining here too.

| Source

Your Encouragement Means the World

I wish there was a way for you to see all of the fruits of your labor. You have encouraged literally thousands of us to pursue writing. I hope that there is never a day that goes by where you doubt your worth to all of us here. Many of us look up to you as someone we want to emulate and someone we truly admire.

I have been blown away by how much time you spend investing in the writers on Hubpages. For me personally, you have often beat others to it and been my first commenter on newly published hubs. What a treat it is to publish a hub and have a trusty piece of encouragement roll in.

I have also seen you spend a tremendous amount of time encouraging other new writers—giving them that extra push to stick it out when they are just starting to spread their wings. I wish you could watch a divine movie of all of the lives you have touched and affected with your kind words and humble spirit.

Check Out Bill's Novel

Your Writing

It has been a great journey watching you "spread your own wings and fly" as a writer. 900 hubs later, your articles are captivating, engaging, and something I look forward to reading every day. Judging by the 100+ comments you get on every article, I do not stand alone.

There have been a few days where a Billybuc article hasn't popped into my feed in the early hours of the morning, and a part of my life feels like something is missing. I look forward to what you have to say and what you are delighted to teach.

Your Fiction Writing

Can I just say that the scene from Resurrecting Tobias, "I once witnessed a woman being stoned...." is one of the finest pieces of writing this reader has ever tasted. That scene will forever stay with me.

Your short story, The Old Man and the Drifter, is also a tasty snack for a weary soul. For those who have not read it, I highly recommend it. It is one of the best free short stories on Hubpages and deserves to be in an anthology. It packs quite a punch and has been inspirational to my own creative writing.

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. -Tennyson
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. -Tennyson | Source

Your Integrity

You're not afraid to get your hands dirty and have a work ethic that is unlike anyone I have seen in this industry. You have a do-or-die attitude—your own little billy-buc-it up, and you're not afraid to call the shots as you see them.

What many of us admire about you is that you aren't afraid to be genuine, learn from your mistakes, or rip our heart open and let it bleed a little—all complimentary attributes for a writer.

What I personally admire is your humility in dealing with people who you may disagree with. You show everyone genuine love, respect, and encouragement without partiality—that is a rare quality in this century. You always show grace in the face of opposition. You may not think anyone notices, but we do. I think I can speak for the HubPages community in saying how much we appreciate you and your demeanor.

Learn About Urban Farming from Bill

Your Causes

Your desire to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves, and for those that society has cast off, is commendable. You are a loudspeaker for the homeless, the fatherless, the orphan, the insecure, the underdog, and for all who wish to follow their dreams but they aren't yet sure they have the guts.

Your love of simple living, self-sufficiency, of creating a sustainable community, of protecting what has been entrusted to you, of treating everyone with dignity, and of revolutionizing the way we think of our food, shows so much character and love.

From our Hearts

We raise our glasses to you, my friend. Here's to many more great years of writing, inspiring, and standing up against injustice. I wish you the best in writing and in life and I congratulate you on your achievements.

"We shall overcome,"

"Ain't no mountain high enough,"

"Keep on pressing on,"

"And when the night is cloudy
There is still a light that shines on me
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be."

Thank's Teach, You've Made Me a Better Writer


A Personal Note

There were so many times I wanted to give up in the last three years, but your passion for the craft and your encouragement spurred me on. Thank you for always being willing to teach—writing articles that addressed questions I asked and sharing all that you know.

After college, I put down writing for a few years because I was burned out. When I picked it back up, frankly, I wondered if I still had talent or drive. You were a huge part of my coming out as a writer. I am so glad that I did! I am only now discovering the hidden gems and the heights to which I can fly.

Thank you for your hundreds of articles on the craft of writing. It truly is a wealth of knowledge and you offer it up for free, for very little pay. You could go on to bigger and more profitable projects, but for some reason, you stick it out with us.

Thank you, Sir.

Everyone, go send Billybuc some love. You've got over 900 articles to choose from! Everyone loves a little encouragement.


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