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Bad Hubs-Updated August 28th, 06

Updated on August 14, 2006

This is what happens when you write a bad hub

Find out what makes a bad hub bad

Ever since went public i've noticed a lot of lame hubs. I'll give you a few hints that make your Hubs kick ass, I have the inside scoop from the creators of Hubpages, even Mr. Pages himself.

First and most important is content. You should have good, informative, original content. When you write about something you should write about something that people may care about and something you have enough info on to write about. For example, I wrote some hubs on automotive care and they have some good content in there because I know about that stuff being that is my job. Just take from what you have, or have done, or whatever and put all that together and write about it.

Outside links. What is the point making a hub and just putting a ton of outside links. If you want to hub you should have your own material. It's hard to build an original site if you just use everyone else's content. It doesn't take much effort to copy and paste a bunch of links to a hub. So outside links are bad.

No Content. It's very disapointing when you click on a hub with a kinda cool name and then there is like 1 sentence or no words at all. Why waste a good name for a hub for no reason and write nothing. Even if you finish it later your hub will go down the list of new hubs and nobody will know if you even make anything cool.

Too many Amazon and Ebay capsules. This kinda goes hand in hand with the outside link thing because people will put a bunch of outside links then put a bunch of amazon and ebay capsules hoping that someone will buy something to make them money. It just clutters up the area and makes it looks like crap.

Putting the Comment Capsule above stuff can sometimes make it looks like there is nothing under it. Sometimes people will write a hub, i click on it, then all i see is a comment capsule then below it is a link or two. I usually don't even see the links, then i push "no" on it being useful or not. The comment capsule should go on the bottom because it gives people the chance to read it all then comment. So yeah, comments on the bottom foos.

That is all i can think of for now i guess, im sure ill think of more as the site gets larger, check back for updates and check our my How to Make a good Hub.


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    • Moonmaiden profile image

      Fayme Zelena Harper 10 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

      I used to think outside links were bad too, but I've been convinced otherwise. As long as a person doesn't get carried away, the outside links can be the icing on the cake, especially if the outside links go to other hubs and blogs you've written yourself. And those good ole search engines love links going in and going out.

    • jamestedmondson profile image

      jamestedmondson 11 years ago from San Francisco

      Great hub. i love your reference to Mr. Pages.

    • geek profile image

      geek 11 years ago from Shanghai

      the green one is werder bremen i think, i can't make out the red one though

    • sarahd profile image

      sarahd 11 years ago

      whats the old saying? a picture is worth a thousand words.