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How to create a good hub

Updated on July 4, 2006

Make you hubs worth reading....

    I've been looking at everyones hubs, and see what they all have and don't have and which ones do well and which ones do not. I've come to a quick conclusion on how to make a good hub. Here is how you do it. 

    You should have a lot of Content and know what you're talking about. If you want to do a hub on butterflies then research it rather then just saying, butterflies are pretty and they have two wings and if you pull their wings off they twitch. Saying that is just kinda pointless because nobody gains knowledge from that. You should research maybe just one type of butterfly because the subject of butterflies can be very long. Maybe talk about their migration, how they breed, if they are prey, their defensive tactics ect. You should just keep the info short and sweet which brings me to my next point. 

    The Length of your hub shouldn't be too long unless needed. If you need to make it really long I suggest making more then one hub and having links that go back and forth because most people do not want to read one long hub. Having the option to split it up is nice. You want your reader to be interested and no bored. 

    One thing that could boost up your hub is Tags. Tags are the little words you use to help people search for that type of hub. You should make as many relevant tags as possible because then people will search for what they want and will find your hub if it goes under your tag type. By making tags not relevant to your hub, people might find your hub by accident and then see that they don't want that one and may avoid your hubs because your tags may be false. 

    Using the affiliates is a nice way to gain revenue by adding ebay, or amazon capsules to your hubs. These add little ads maybe just a few inches in height that you can move around on your page. When people look at these ads and buy stuff you can make money. Just don't add too many because then people get overwhelmed and maybe annoyed. I recommend just using one of the affiliates at a time. 

    Well thats about it, if i have anymore groundbreaking information ill add it to this hub. I hope you have enjoyed my hubs and if you want you can read some of my other ones. 


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    • profile image

      hubby 11 years ago

      Graphics and breaking the information into clear segments also helps. One big text block or ugly layouts make me not bother to read the content. seemingly random boldface words annoy me.

      I agree that narrowing the topic so that the hub can accurately and thoroughly conveys information is crucial. There is a lot of crap on the internet and many books have already been written about almost every topic, so no point in regurgitating random information.

      Research and double checking for accuracy also helps.

      When the language gets too chatty and personal It detracts from the ability to quickly learn somthing...and also is annoying.

    • profile image

      James 11 years ago

      Updating Hubs keeps them fresh and helps your Hubscore.

    • redflower345 profile image

      redflower345 11 years ago

      what have you noticed about updating your hub so it stays fresh? Does this increase it's popularity? Thanks, RF