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Where Can I Make Money Online?

Updated on February 13, 2013

Help Me Fight Lupus

Online Favorites

Since getting sick the internet has started to become a source of income, knowledge and venting. I'm only working part-time at my day job now so I've decided to commit myself to writing and researching health and fitness. My favorite health topic is on invisible illnesses - think diabetes, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis - so expect to see a lot of articles based on these topics.

I have quite a few mediums on the internet that I use to get my point across and the following links will take you straight to some of my favorite places. On HubPages I started to focus on recipes - naughty chocolate ones but also some fairly healthy items that I love to eat too - but I have now started to branch on to medical articles and product reviews.

On Squidoo I'm posting links to my Invisible Illness Awareness sites such as Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes etc, any reviews that I do and of course back links to my pages here.

On Delicious I like to put up a load of Health related posts. Stumble Upon is pretty much everything, Twitter is anything that I think will interest others and Tumblr is something I'm just starting to play with.

I now have another blog over on Wordpress that focuses on products and strategies that I use to help me feel better or serve a specific function in my routine as I strive for a healthy body.

Online Earnings

It's now been about 7 months since I started writing online and I can now say that I'm starting to earn some money. I can't quit my day job yet but the money is starting to roll in. At the moment I am focusing on Hubpages and Squidoo but once I have established myself there with at least 60 articles each I will then spread out to the others and build up my portfolio with them. Here are a couple of links to my earnings pages that you might find interesting.

I was calculating my income the other day and from all my online sources I have earned (but not necessarily had access to) $130. That's the equivalent of $18.57 a month so far, it's not great but at least it's a start!

Earn Money With Web Answers

I've been growing a little tired of writing long blog posts and articles recently so I thought I'd give Web Answers a try. As long as you've got an Adsense account then you can start to earn money once you've answered 50 questions.

Web Answers works by answering questions in a constructive manner providing as much knowledge, resources and any other help as you can. If the person asking the question feels that your answer is the best then it get awarded. Once your question is awarded then only yours (and Web Answers) Adsense ads will show, however, if a best answer is not shown then everyone's ads will show but the frequency is based on your quality score.

The quality score is calculated on a number of things but it mainly goes on how active you are on the site, what your experience is (how many questions have you answered), and what your conversion of awarded answers is (the higher the better). As far as I'm aware the actual quality scores are unknown to the users but there are various league tables so that you can work out where you are compared to the other users.

You can see my monthly earnings in my report: Web Answers Earnings. Since I'm still fairly new to the site you'll have to give it some time for the earnings to accumulate.

Sign up for Web Answers

Why I Love Amazon

Because I can't get out and about too much now I do a lot of my shopping, or at least research, online. Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop as they have such a wide variety of products available.

I have only ever had one problem with Amazon but they were fantastic in getting my issue resolved within a suitable timescale, they were very polite and even gave me a voucher for my trouble.

I mainly use Amazon for health supplies at the moment and I have left you a little selection of what they have to offer below.

Ebay is Great Too

I'm fairly new to eBay but I've found that they have a different structure to Amazon. Their bidding system means that you can find some really great bargains. Here's a small selection of the health category on eBay.


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