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Exactly what is the future of the Hub Pages with all of these new changes?

Updated on September 9, 2013

I had to take a short temporary break from silence to write some about the new changes that are occurring around the hub pages. Changes are just the natural order of things in our lives. One change concerns the new profile page design that took place a while back, which is good for some people, and not so good for others here at the hub pages.

A lot of time and thought went into this new profile page design, and I tip my hat to all of those at the Hub Pages who conceived this brilliant plan. It's a look like no other that's ever been seen before here at the hub pages.

Now if you are a hubber who's still using the popular Windows 2000 version on your computer, you will find yourself in a wait and see game as these new profile pages slowly load. Hopefully those with wisdom at the hub pages will be taking all of this into consideration. However if you are a hubber with the new Windows seven version, you are in for quite a ride.

There's all sorts of new colors, and patterns that are very eye catching. It's also packed with new never seem before information, which is very interesting to say the least.

In the upper right hand corner of the new profile design, you'll now find listed all of the information on the number of the hubbers hubs, how many followers they have, and just exactly how many people they are following in return.

I've seen quite a few questions, and concerns in the forums that have arisen about about information which now has been made available to everyone. In the past the number of people you were following was only for your eyes, and accompanied an email notice to the person who you just made the decision to follow.

However now that has all changed, and after doing a little bit of research I can certainly see why there are some upset people out there in Hubville.

One hubber said that the HubPages is not the same site that they joined last year, and that it has deteriorated, and continues to deteriorate. You don't drag people through a lot of changes over such a short period of time and expect them to like it

I've noticed that some people don't care for anyone and everyone to be able to see who they follow. They are concerned and feel that this is personal information, and it's intrusive. They don't like the idea now that others will see that they follow only a small number of people in return.

I saw where two hubbers, one who was classified as (E) elite, and the other as (A) apprentice were both very concerned about the information about the number of people they were following being printed on the new profile design.

After reading what they had to say I became rather curious, and visited them both. The elite hubber was only following back around 30% of those who were faithfully following them. The apprentice took their time converting over to the new profile design. I wonder what they waited so long.

This new release of this information only helps us all understand what these people who we follow are truly all about. You see if you don't follow a lot of people in return then your precious hubber score will remain high. As you can see by now, I could care less about that outdated score. It should go to the wayside as hub-karma did a while ago.

This also now really helps break hubbers down into three different categories. There's the average hubber who has 392 followers, and is following 406 people in return. There's the heavy sided hubber who has 364 followers, and is following 4,372 people in return. I'm sure that I fall somewhere in the middle of these two groups.

The final group would be those hubbers who don't follow in return. One such hubber has 1,476 followers, but only follows 34 people in return. I don't know if I would follow someone like this, and no wonder their hubber score is so high. I've experience a person similar to this who followed me briefly, and then once I followed them in return - stopped following me. That could certainly explain a high & low number like this. Everyone out there may not like hearing this, but it's the truth, and it'll be a hard pill to swallow for some. With available information like this now on the new profile design, everyone will now be able to make a better calculated decision on who they are and are not going to follow. I can't wait to see what my numbers will be!!!!

Now to add insult to injury in April the Hub Pages decided to stop listing the names of new followers on your new profile page's activity section. This is just more of the never-ending state of changes here at Hub Pages. Now only our own activity is visible on our activity section, and we can no longer see which new hubbers have chose to follow us. So without a new hubber leaving some fan mail behind it will take some time to figure out our new followers. This will certainly slow down our capability to be able to follow someone back, and slow down the whole concept of following here at the Hub Pages, which is possibly what the Hub Pages wanted all along. This new change has also very possibly hastened our fellow hubbers decision to leave the Hub Pages.

Do you support these new changes here at the Hub Pages?

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