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How Do I Get More Followers ?

Updated on November 12, 2015

A Newbie myself !

Are you looking for more readers or more followers for your hubs or blogs ?

I am a relative newbie and am really enjoying hub pages, trying to learn everyday by reading other hubs and guides and questions people ask about what to write about how to earn.

I am not going to go into all of it about back links as there are some excellent hubs on the subjects and it would do them an injustice to try, I would rather let newbies read the excellent articles themselves.

Newbies this is general advice to help you.

When you join up I strongly advise you to go to the top of the page where you have a search button and type in what you want to know such as 'earn money' 'what to write' and so on .

Also click on forums and read the various subjects that are all there to answer your questions.

I have learnt almost everything I know by doing my own research and it helps you to remember the information better as well.

There are so many newbies that want to know the same answers , like myself no one has time to answer them all individually the way they are answered in detail for you here.

When choosing a subject look up google keywords tool box and see what interests people IF you are hoping to earn money.

Look for subjects that don't have as many articles on them so yours will stand out more.

There is a lot of talent around and we appreciate these people sharing their talent with us in the way of

Poetry on various subjects

Art of all kinds


Relationship help

Humour and more.

Answer questions

Participating in hubpages by answering questions or joining in the games or discussions will help you get noticed & you will find people coming over to your hubs to check you out .

If they find your subjects of interest to them then they will follow you.

Reccommend another hubbers hub is a good forum to join in on.

Make sure you do some hub hopping & comment on new hubs as well .

Writing for money or humour !

Relax & enjoy Hubpages !
Relax & enjoy Hubpages !

Read and learn more

Read to learn more so you can earn online . There is always more to learn
Read to learn more so you can earn online . There is always more to learn

More followers

 I like to click on hubbers then newest & have a look thru the new hubbers to see ones that interest me & follow them.

Hopefully they will follow me back!

Join in the forums like reccommend another hubbers hub for more views and read other hubs!

Ask questions & answer other peoples questions & people will notice you!

Make my hub look good

I found it a good idea to have a photo near the top of each hub so that it makes my profile page more interesting to others.

However if you have text at the top of the page that is the premium spot for adverts to be placed.

Use YouTube to get more followers


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