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Insights on making ideas happen on HubPages-LinkedIn contribution

Updated on February 10, 2013
Copyright Katerina Kostaki
Copyright Katerina Kostaki

Manifestation of true self

The title of this article envelopes a whole truth that could only be interpreted as a life -manifestation.

Manifestation of your life means becoming a self creator of your Timeline.

On the beginning of this thought formation I wonder how I could possibly make it to write a full content and comprehensible article that could evolve and shift human consciousness.

You see,mostly and sincerely I care about the outcome of a well written article and surely not the financial one.

Money could never replace the Grace that is derived from the heart-felt deed of knowing and sharing the knowledge.

Al rights are reserved
Al rights are reserved | Source

My part in LinkedIn's 200 Million Members Milestone

I was about to collapse into desperation a few days before this article come to Light.

Many and splendid ideas were hovering in the mind pool, but I was unable to get one in my spirit.

An incredible mind jam!

It happens so many times to get in a trap of negative thinking and go astray into the pit of no-evolution and progress.

Voila!I became really happy to open my mail box and get a bunny out of the hat!

LinkedIn's authorities aka Deep Nishar sent me a wonderful reward for my participation to LinkedIn's 200 Million Members Milestone.

In simple words,I was announced that I have one o the 5% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012.

It took me time to evaluate the importance of such a reward, but regressing to past I would have to take into consideration the inumerable obstacles, discouragements, upheavals, and lack of support along this journey.

All rights are reserved
All rights are reserved | Source
All rights are reserved
All rights are reserved | Source

How LinkedIn contributes to make my ideas happen on HubPages?

I 've been member on LinkedIn for many years and I can't even tell you how I signed up or who suggested me LinkedIn.

Sometimes opportunities happen out from nowhere.

What matters is that I grap these opportunities to build my future and my professional life.

In beginning,I was a bit alone on this social network,but soon I realized that I was surrounded by many good friends and fellows .

People like me ,like-minded people who are interested in learning,sharing and contributing to spiritual workshops and activities .

Affiliate Groups on Linkedin

On the days to come, I became aware of various groups dedicated to writing,literature,poetry,counselling,healing and Lightworkers.

I decided to join a few groups and start learning how to deal with people who mostly live abroad and have a quite different approach of life.

No sooner I joined the groups I comprehend that authors of the world share common ideas and we are not quite different at all.

To be specific, we are all One!

What changes our life dramatically and makes us look different is the fact that people of certain groups are fully awakened to their task and purpose in Life comparing to people who are not (awakened).


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  • academylight profile image

    Katerina Kostaki 4 years ago from Athens-Greece

    I totally agree with you that as soon as we join groups in LinkedIn we meet so many intelligent people there ,so the rest is history.So true.Many people from LinkedIn have also joined my Facebook Business Page .So LinkedIn is a way for new people to come in our life .

    Thank you so much for your comment!

  • profile image

    Dr. Johnny Velazquez 4 years ago

    Hi Katerina, Well said. When I first heard of Linkedin, I was somewhat reticent about joning this site. I finally relented, joined, and am I glad I did. I proceeded to join groups with similar interest as mine, and the rest is history. I have been able to glean from the best, and my writing has greatly improved. I'm constantly urging others to join, as this will allow them to experience, the journey of their lives. Blessings.