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Insights on making ideas happen on HubPages-My Goodreads contribution

Updated on March 18, 2013

I was extremely lucky to have a wonderful marketing expert on my publishing house in England .

This lovely lady introduced me to a invaluable social network that changed my life and my perspective for books.

I am a book consumer.

I love books and definitely I've spent a lot of money and time on searching the suitable book on several lists.

Well not anymore ...

Goodreads is the Perfect place for authors,poets ,readers,librarians ,everybody to meet new like minded people aka people who love reading!

However Goodreads is a really pleasant and easy to navigate tool for authors and readers.

The simplest way to meet new audience,friends,followers or even discover new books on the listopia.

How Goodreads support HubPages

Goodreads supports a lot my work as author and HubPage author.

On my single Goodreads profile I have the opportunity to upload my videos,connect both my blog posts and Goodreads page,add comments and share every single article by following a few simple steps.

So why choose Goodreads?

Goodreads with over 14.000.000 members and more than 140.000.000 books on bookshelves has been the largest webpage for readers and book recommendations since 2007.

The goal is to help people find books they love.

And there are many book lovers out there along with many wonderful book titles .

Learning Center on Goodreads

The very first thing someone should know is how to join this network that is so easy anyway.

Basically, every detail and help is given on the FAQ or Goodreads Help Page.

Goodreads is seperated on 12 sections.The most important is the "About us " section.

Have you ever joined Goodreads?

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Goodreads and Facebook Timelines

Another contribution of Goodreads goes to the integration since it only works with Facebook Timelines, not Facebook walls.

On addition Facebook allows you to navigate to the apps tab of the edit profile page.

In the Facebook section,you possibly see a series of checkboxes .

Check all the options you 'd like to see and if you also see a button "Add to Timeline",grant permission before you see this app posted on the Timeline.

However if you haven't been a member of Goodreads, here is the link to join.


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