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How to Turn "The News" Into Multiple Hubs

Updated on May 1, 2012

Okay, so after reading my regular morning news during my regular morning trip to the bathroom, I had found a topic that I wanted to hub about today, though something stopped me in from just jumping into the project, because I realized I had developed a hub creation skill that I thought my fellow hubbers (you!) might enjoy.

It's not really all that fancy, though it's a tip that many of you will be able to use to create several unique and interesting hubs, where before you might have only created one or two. Anyways, this one will be hard to explain without showing you, so here goes!

What I am going to show you, is how you can take one piece of News (or other publication) and turn it into MULTIPLE hubs that you're readers will find engaging and interesting. The piece we are going to be using today is a simple one from MSNBC, you can visit it

Right HERE

Breaking Down The News...

Okay, so the article talks about this new bill that has taken the lime light in the great debate about internet security and civil liberties. There are several tidbits of information that I noticed right off the bat, were interesting and worthy of hubs. Those tidbits were:

  • Look at that! Libertarians are gaining ground as "civil liberties" experts, and not only that, but it looks like the politicians are now pandering to the votes of Libertarians as opposed to minorities, extremists, democrats or republicans. That either means that Libertarians are now the majority voters, or that the white house expects them to be come election time. That's definitely interesting news to many, regardless of what side of the fence you call your ideological home.
  • Is CISPA really the "Son of SOPA" and something we should be overly concerned about? Because it certainly looks more like a ploy to gain attention from voters. This is worth putting to the test and asking readers about.
  • If it's not just another dog and pony show, then we do need to look out, and just in case, it's generally wise to produce a hub that lets people know what CISPA is and what's going on with it currently.
  • Wow, groups like the ACLU, Anonymous, TechDirt, Facebook and Wikimedia all have heavy influence currently. From the opinionated ACLU and TechDirt's determination to get everyone in a huff about the bill, to the indecision of the Wiki, FB and Anonymous organizations who have yet to decide how much of an uproar to create over CISPA. Will their influence hold on for years to come? Who knows. Though I do know that just the mere fact that they have so much influence right now, is worth noting for future generations to look back on and ponder about.
  • It sure is interesting how little attention the Republicans are getting right now, especially seeing that they are trying to enforce bills like CISPA and more intervention overseas. Yet it seems like neither the media or the voters really care to even give their dramatics a small part of their day. Poor GOP, what are they to do? Does this mean the beginning of the end of the Tired Ole Party?
  • Wow! This fight for Digital Freedom sure is getting heated!
  • Who the heck created CISPA?

Hub 1: "CISPA - Son of SOPA or Voter Bait?"

I am really having a hard time getting past the feeling that CISPA is just a ploy to gain the attention of the current or soon-to-be majority voters - the Libertarians. Now, I am more than happy to watch them bend over backwards to please my own genre ideology, though something seems suspect about that act. Could they be hiding something in one hand while they wave the yellow-snaked flag in another direction?

You decide.

Hub 2: "Libertarians - The New Majority?"

I find it amusing that not only are libertarian authors, speakers and activist being accepted as liberty experts, after all the time they've been shunned. Especially of amusement, is the behavior patterns of the medias, whom seem to either believe that libertarianism is going to quickly become the new leading ideological party in the white house, or that it already IS the majority... Being a part of the party myself and an avid follower, I can tell you that while we are quickly gaining ground, I don't think the true "experts" would agree that Libertarianism has taken fully a hold just yet. Though as I talk about in the hub "Libertarians - The New Majority?", there certainly a lot of indicators that where it really counts, libertarianism has already started to make a big difference.

Hub 3: "Back On THAT Wagon Again - CISPA"

It's a tired tune, but it will still bring in generous amounts of traffic as new people become aware of the issues surrounding internet security and net neutrality.

Hub 4: "Influential Groups of the Millennium"

This one will not only be great as a current hub, but it will in effect be an "evergreen" hub, because it will be relevant to researchers in the future, who may be looking for information about influential groups from the early years of the new millennium.

I've started and published this hub HERE, to show you how this could be done, though I will definitely be adding more details to make the hub more educational.

Hub 5: "Libertarian Can - Are Republicans Feeling Left Out?"

The democrats are jumping onto the civil liberties ride and are parroting just about all the Libertarians are saying about essential freedoms, internet security, etc... Which leaves the Republicans in between several large rocks. So far, they have been taking their traditional stance - that all people are stupid and need a parental government. To their dismay, this isn't winning any voters, and really isn't even gaining that much attention at all.

I wouldn't have even written about it, but I found it so interesting that a group as large as the Grand Old Party could find themselves so quickly cast aside after so much drama and press.

Hub 6: "The Great Battle For Digital Liberty"

This hub will be another Evergreen and TIME based article, though it will need occasional updates to stay relevant, especially since it's clear that SOPA, PIPA and CISPA are not going to be the last of their kind. Will the government ever pass any sort of meaningful internet security act? Or will the will of the people - who are determined to keep their digital freedoms - win out?

If you follow my article Cyber Security and the Fight for Digital Liberties, you'll find out.

Hub 7: "Wikileaks Executioner Creates the Son of SOPA - CISPA"

CISPA is quite the treasonous act, allowing for unwarranted monitoring, tattle-tailing, censorship and the arrest of whistleblowers (among other things). It threatens our First Amendment Rights, our Privacy and our Freedom to not only use the internet, but our ability to report and blow the whistle on ANY entity, organization, group, company and yes, even the government. It's treason of the highest order, as it goes against every ideal we American's hold highest. Being that we're on the subject of treason and American ideals, isn't it interesting that a US Representitive who claims to uphold our country against treason, is the same Rep who created CISPA?

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Now it's your turn! You've seen how simple it is to do this same thing. It took me just under 5 days to write all the hubs and finish this one for you're reading pleasure. It would have been less time if I hadn't been creating this "how to", and if I wasn't so highly distractible.... So the time can vary. If you find you're on the slower end, then simply write down a list of the hub ideas you get from reading some news or an interesting article you browsed upon, then create them as you have time.

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    • leigheas profile image

      leigheas 5 years ago from Fairfield California

      This is an excellent idea. Why re invent the wheel . Spend your time writing about it.

      Thanks , great tp

    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 5 years ago from Illinois

      Seeing multiple ideas in one event/news piece/person, etc. is a skill that not many people have but it's an important one. As you said, you can save time by writing spin offs of the one idea or, conversely, while doing research on a subject, use what you found for a second article.