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How to choose a great subject for an article

Updated on June 7, 2014

What should I write about?

So your looking for inspiration to write an article. Well first off you need a good subject to write about. There is no real limit to what you can write about on the net however there is if you want to succeed.

If you want to be a successful Online writer of articles you need to pick your subjects carefully and then research them thoroughly. You need to find subjects that will pass the test of time and get constant views. You also need to know a lot about your chosen subject so you can write an interesting article with all the relevant information the reader needs to glean from it.

The best subjects to choose are ones you know allot about. Subjects you have a passion for. Mine are Writing, Sport (Athletics), Science (Physics) and UK Travel. My Mam's would be Gardening and my partners Carpentry and Joinery.

Where do I look for ideas for articles?

Use the Internet and Newspapers to help you come up with article ideas.

Although an article needs to outlast a news story it needs to be up to the minute information and reading Newspapers and Magazines can help you find that information.

The Internet is a great source of information on all subjects and can be used as a tool to see what others are writing about and what people are searching for. These two bits of information are important when choosing your subject matter. Here on hubpages a great place to find topic inspiration is by looking through the Answers Section. This is where people post questions that they are looking for answers to.

Hints and Tips

  • Choose a subject you know allot about.

It could be something you have qualifications in or just a general interest in

  • Research the Internet's hot topics to find out what is trending.

It may not be great for getting views over a long period of time but if you get the article up at the right time it will do well and could keep getting views after its subject matter has stopped trending.

  • Read Newspapers and Online news sites.

You will find up to date news and even obscure stories that can make for great articles.

  • Read Magazines

There are always great articles to get inspiration from in a magazine

  • Read other articles on the subject

Try to find out what information is missing from other articles. Some writers may only concentrate on one area of a subject and could miss out some vital information that readers are looking for.

  • Try to find a subject that is searched for allot but has few articles related to it

A subject that people are trying to find information on but there is not much to choose from is a great subject to go for if you have knowledge about it.

  • Look in shops for the newest products then research them on the Internet.

Great product reviews can be great for pulling in views


A great way to find the best subject is to brainstorm. This is where you write down ideas and then put down the pros and cons of those ideas. This will help you if you are stuck with a few different ideas and want to just concentrate on one.

In Conclusion

  • Choose a subject you know and are passionate about.
  • Research the topic to find out more information and how much people search for the topic.
  • Last but not leased Have Fun doing it.


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