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The Key to Writing Great Hubs

Updated on July 2, 2017

What is Hub Pages

For me Hub Pages seems to be a cross between Wiki, Facebook and a blogging site.

  • It is like a Wiki because it is full of great useful information.

  • It is like Facebook as you can communicate with fellow members.

  • It is like a blogging site because the hubs are used by some as you would use a blog.

But what is it really?

Hub Pages is a website where you can post articles on almost any subject and get paid for your contribution.

What kind of things should you write about on a Hub?

The key to writing a great hub is to write about a subject you know about and have a passion for. You are more likely to write a great informative Hub if you know the subject you are writing about.

Other Factors that make a great hub

The layout

How you layout your hub can be an important factor to readers. Make it easy to read using the Capsule Subtitles to show your reader what each one is about.

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Place images on your hub to bring color or to show the reader what you mean. You should aim for at least three or more if you can. A bland, black and white article will put people off reading you work. If you can draw them in with images that help enhance the text you will win followers.

Incorporate Polls

Polls are a great tool to engage the reader in your hub. They can get the reader thinking about there own opinions on the subject. They are a great way to get your readers interacting with you.

Choosing a Subject

When choosing a subject to write about it is always best to look at the subjects you know about and that are interesting to you.

Try to find a subject that not many people have written about.

Research is the key to a great hub
Research is the key to a great hub


You should always do research on the topic you are going to write about This will help you find out if others have wrote about the subject and if so what are their views on it

Top Hubs are
Bad Hubs are
700+ words long
full of great relevent information that can be found nowhere else on the web
Full of irelivent information
Full of colorful images that are relevent to the text
No images
Use tables to show relevant information and how it relates.

This Hub is less the 600 Words long. But it is all relevant information which is what counts.

Although the best hubs are over 700 words long don't just write anything to bring your word count up to that point. If you have written all the relevant details that you can that is OK, publish it and you can always come back and improve on it later.


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    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 3 years ago

      Thank you reminding us again - you do get used to your own way and a gently nudge is good. Up, interesting and useful.