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Hub Writing Tips

Updated on August 24, 2014

What is HubPages

HubPages is a great Online earning opportunity that invites its members to write articles and participate is discussions on many different subjects. It is a place full of useful and relevant information on a variety of topics. It likes people to write unique articles on subjects that are not largely available on other sites on the Web.

Hub Writing: What You Need To Know

Hubs should be original

  • There content should be yours
  • The content should not be found in whole or part on another site

Hubs should be researched

  • Write on subjects you know allot about
  • Check on the amount of information already available
  • Find out what information is missing and use this as your guide to writing the Hub
  • Read books on the subject you are going to write about and increase your own knowledge of the subject.

Research is Key
Research is Key

Writing Your Hub

  • Check your title. If it has already been taken spend a little time playing about with it until it works for you and the site
  • Write a summary of the Hub. This is important for being found by search engines
  • Using your draft as a guide start writing your Hub
  • Place your images, Maps and other capsules so that they connect with the text relevant to them.
  • Place relevant captions under Photos and attribute them where you can. If they are your own make sure you tell people
  • Check your spelling and grammar. These are very important as even a slight mistake will reduce your traffic
  • Preview your Hub before publishing. This will allow you to see what the Hub will look like once published.
  • Spend time moving things around until you feel you have done the best you can.

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Plan your Hub

  • Think about the layout of your Hub
  • How many photos will it have. You should look at putting in at leased 3
  • Where in the Hub do they need to be put
  • Do you need to use maps to show the reader locations. Where will they fit into the Hub
  • Get your information together and organize it logically
  • Write a rough draft on paper or a word processor program
  • Make sure all your information is relevant to the subject
  • Think about the title. It should be search friendly
  • Check your drafts word count. Aim for 1150 words. A good hub will be 700+ words long.

Keeping Your Hub up to Date

  • Updating your Hub is important if you want to keep getting traffic
  • Update your Hub whenever you have new and relevant information of the subject it covers
  • Update images when you have new ones
  • It is very important to update travel articles every year so that the reader gets the most up to date information on a location that they can.
  • Read and reply to all comments

Struggling to Make 700+ words?

Don't worry to much about that, just make sure every word you write is relevant to the subject and that it is your original work.

This article is under 700 words, that is because I've tried to keep it concise and not go off topic. It is also lacking in images to.

My Top Tips

  • Write about subjects you know and are passionate about
  • Research your topic
  • Plan your article
  • Write a draft first
  • Place key words into article
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Check word count
  • Preview and edit
  • Publish when you feel its ready


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