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How to gather ideas for a hub

Updated on June 14, 2008


Hmmm....what should you write about?

Since the beginning of Hub Pages, which was closely followed by the beginning of time, people have been coming up with good and bad ideas on what to write about, these hubs can either be good or bad depending on what the person gathered together to make their hub. One of the main things about good hubbin is what info you have and how you present it. Here is a few tips to gathering your own ideas.

What do I know? Always ask yourself this question, what do you know, and do i know enough to make it interesting. It doesn't have to be the best thing ever written but if you can write it in a fashion that compels people to understand what you are saying. Half the fun of hubbin is just reading other things that are entertaining. If you specialize in folding socks you can write a series of hubs on how to fold socks ranging from type of socks, colors, why to fold this way, and then you can link them into how to fold underwear, the possibilities are endless. Always remember, you don't have to have ideas how ground breaking issues, but sometimes the best things are just what you know.

What is going on? One of my favorite things to do is look at the world around us and just pick something that you may wonder about, or have a point of view. Recently i did a hub on gay marriage because a guy at work had been going on about it so I thought i'd throw in my two cents but do it for everyone. With the political race, poor economy, and release of a Sex and the City movie there are plenty of things to talk about, like why anyone would think making that movie would be a good idea. There is something always to react to.

What is on my mind? One of the best ways to write is just writing about what is on your mind. This can also be therapeutic because often times people have things they wonder or feel and just need to say them. Writing from your mind is a good way to express emotional thoughts and feelings. Think of it as a secret but public journal that you can write freely. Nobody knows you but at least you get to say things and have people give you comments on them that maybe will open up a larger discussion that would spiral into a larger hub idea. Everyday you think something, why not say it.

Do i like this? Reviews are something that I really enjoy because i get to tell people info on something and give them an honest opinion. How many times have you found something that you hated and wish everyone knew the same? Well now you can warn people and save them. My favorite reviews to do are in video games because I just really think this new medium is taking off and it is a lot different than what people say or see on TV. Also, doing reviews enables you to ad in a lot of good revenue capsules.

Check out the Request. Hub Central made a request a hub button which allows people to post their request and people can go in there and answer them. This is a great place to get ideas because you never know what someone may request that you might now alot about for some random reason. Go here to check it out. This also builds up Hub Pages and support Hub Life.

General Info. Be like a label on a bag of chips. Spin a circle while pointing and whatever your finger lands on write a hub about it with just general information. This can be really fun because the research you do will teach you new things and also open doors into something crazy and new. I like to gather ideas when I am walking around I'll see something and make a quick note of it that I want to hub on it. I usually forget by the time i get home but the thought is still there.

Well there you go, those are my main ways of getting ideas on hubs. I just go with what i know and share it. Like Mr. Pages once said, "share what you know and bring in the dough" or something to that sort. Always react to something that questions your mind, often times questioning an idea and Hubbing about it leads to a much larger picture. Thanks for reading.


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    • puru13 profile image

      puru13 6 years ago from INDIA

      You have posted some great advice here friend.I have some more on this can see it here:

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 9 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      Nice list. One thing you can simply do is start with "How To..." and then fill in the details. If you can provide a great "How to" hub then you most likely get traffic and comments. I think my how to clean a dove is one of my most consistent performers.