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HubNuggets - There Should Be An App for That

Updated on January 21, 2010

Why Isn't There a HubNuggets App?

You've all seen the iPhone commercials boasting 100,000 (and counting) available Apps. Supposedly, there's one for everything you can think of. Well, I checked and there is no app for HubNuggets. I think there should be and I'm hoping that some developer will pick up the ball and correct this gross oversight. To help the cause and speed things along, I've outlined what I think the HubNuggets App should do.

First of all, it needs to look really good and be easy to use, that's a given. More importantly, it needs to put HubNuggets at the fingertips of every iPhone owner on the planet. That's right, we want total world domination.

Everyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch would have a live feed and be able to read and vote for our beloved Wannabes, the second they're published in the weekly HubNuggets contest. Just think of the exciting possibilities! There could be hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions and billions of readers and voters. *sigh*

Where's Our HubNuggets App??

Imagine the exposure for our Wannabes!
Imagine the exposure for our Wannabes!

What Else Our HubNuggets App Would Offer


* Instant access to HubNugget hubs and voting polls

* Live forum and comments feed

* Maddie and Jason's private cell phone numbers and personal email addresses

* A link to Shirley Anderson's book, "Tips to Better Chicken Chucking"

* GPS directions to B.T. Evilpants' lair and pictures of his illegal border crossings for the purpose of smuggling Canadian butter tarts

* Patty Inglish's secret gravy recipe and a downloadable copy of her memoir about Evilgate

* Zsuzy Bee's home address and exclusive use of her chicken-shaped cushion pattern

* Copies of RedElf's secret photo and poetry collections centering around naughty kittens she's never told us about

* The never-before-revealed story about how Ripplemaker gets the HubMobile to fly

* In app purchases to be determined

Great Idea, Eh?

I'm sure you'll agree that this is a terrific idea. Do we have any takers out there who are willing to develop this application? It'd sell a million through iTunes, I'm sure.

While we're waiting to see which developers are going to jump on this bandwagon, why don't we read some HubNuggets? Please don't forget to cast a vote for your favorite because you know the top five get something very special.  If you're not sure what, you haven't read the how-to.

Graphic by ProCW
Graphic by ProCW


Blog it, Stumble it, Facebook it, Digg it, whatever you can think of to drive up your votes. And yes, you can vote for yourself. The HubNugget police won't come after you, I promise.

It isn't just fellow hubbers that can vote, either. Everybody in the world is allowed to vote for your hub, so promote the bajeebers out of it! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, the guy behind the counter where you get your coffee, your mechanic, the teenager at the gas bar. Tell anybody and everybody to come and vote for your hub!

CAUTION! No promoting or linking allowed in the forums or comments boxes and don't even think of mass emailing - that's spam.  Do any of these, then the HubNugget police will come after you.

Graphic by ProCW
Graphic by ProCW

Voting Poll

This is where you cast your vote. Just click on the circle next to your selection then click "Vote"

See results

Thanks for Voting to Support Our HubNugget Wannabes!

Thanks for coming by! Our Wannabes really appreciate your support. Don't forget to come back to see which five hubbers win this week's contest.

Meantime, any takers on this brilliant HubNuggets App idea?


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