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HubPages For Political Debate

Updated on June 24, 2011

HubPages is a great site for people who love to discuss politics.

Not only can you share your thoughts and opinions with the world, you can make money for doing so! makes online publishing easy, and it also offers a lot of great social networking features that offer other ways to discuss politics and connect with people whose views you share or respect.

In this hub I'll give you a brief introduction to HubPages and introduce you to a few of the best features for political debate and activism.

What Is a Hub?

You're reading one right now!

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A hub is basically a short (350-1000 words), multimedia article or essay. HubPages makes it really easy to create hubs with the use of different types of "capsules" such as Text Capsules (this is a Text Capsule), Photo Capsules, and Poll Capsules.

Another type of capsule, the Comments Capsule, is especially important for political hubs because it allows readers to comment and share their own views once your hub is published. (You can moderate comments to prevent trolls and flame attacks.) Scroll down to see the comments capsule in action.

Capsules can be arranged however you want. Here are some tips on how to create an attractive and easy-to-read hub design.

Didn't You Say Something About Making Money?

Yes, I did.

HubPages allows you to earn revenue on your hubs from Adsense, Amazon, ebay, and Kontera. You must have Adsense and affiliate accounts in order to earn money at HubPages, but these are relatively easy to acquire, especially if you write a few hubs first. (The HubPages FAQ offers detailed instructions about how to sign up.)

Once these accounts are set up, revenue from ads and affiliates will be split with you on a 60/40 split with Hubpages. For a detailed guide to maximizing your earnings on HubPages, check out the hub Improving Your HubPages Earnings.

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What Else Can I Do on HubPages?

In addition to writing hubs and having discussions in comments, you can also join the HubPages forums. When you join HubPages, you automatically get posting access in the forums, where you can join the lively debates on topics such as politics, religion, science, and economics.

HubPages also has some great social networking features. When you find someone whose ideas you like, you can become their "fan" so you can be notified (through a feature called Hubtivity) when they post a new hub, comment on someone else's hub, or make a post in the forums. You can also leave Fan Mail on their profile.

Finally, don't forget that HubPages isn't only for sharing your thoughts and opinions about politics. You can share writing of nearly every sort here, and people do. Product reviews, how-to articles, recipes, poetry, even short stories! You name it, it's here, with only a few exceptions. (Adult content, hate speech, and blatant spam among them.) Check out the Hot Hubs page to see some of the variety.

Ready To Get Started?

Sign up here and start posting! Here is a selection of some of the current topics that are hot on HubPages to get you started:

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    • HealthyHanna profile image

      HealthyHanna 7 years ago from Utah

      Geat delievery on why write Hub Pages

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Very well laid out advices. That is what HubPages is all about.

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      A unique idea, makes great Hub. Thank you for the lay out and good advice!