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HubPages Success Stories #4 - rcrumple: A Sensitive Commenter

Updated on June 19, 2013
rcrumple or simple Rich (Photo Source: HubPages via Screenshot)
rcrumple or simple Rich (Photo Source: HubPages via Screenshot)

rcrumple's Messages on being a HubNugget awardee and more

Let his comments inspire you to be like him.

How did I get to know Sir Rich Rumple?

I lost count of the meaty comments and messages of encouragement that he left on my hubs, even though my articles will be dubbed as mediocre, compared with his lengthy but meaty hubs.

I can only get his comments on my featured hubs as shown at my profile page.

You can be like him, or spare him of your plan to excel differently on HubPages.

On Moral Issues:

"I couldn't agree more with you!

One of the basics most forget is the responsibility to your family. This takes time and love, two things some aren't willing to give. Years ago, an unmarried 18 year old having a child was completely unacceptable to society. Now, 14 year old receive govt. assistance, and no one thinks it odd. Don't think me cruel, but how can a child teach their child principles they never learned them-self As long as parents rely on TV and X-Box babysitters, and fail in accepting the fact that they are responsible for the growth, both mental and physical, of their children, we are naive to expect any changes.

Sorry for the rant. Great Hub!"

Sharing his Embarrassing Moment when I shared mine:

"When I was in the military, I once went out and got completely drunk on hard liquor. The next morning, I awoke with my head on the seat of a toilet. I rose and opened the door to leave. On the outside of the door a sign read, "Man Sick, Do Not Bother." I heard about that one for a long time! lol Hang in there. We all go through it! lol (laughing out loud)"

In Choosing a Great Leader:

"Interesting hub! Sounds like politics are the same as always, whether they be in church or government. Some things are acceptable to some, but not to others. Greed is never acceptable. Great Job!"

On Mysteries, as in Chupacabra:

"Very interesting hub! Much debate always exists when scientists proclaim themselves as all knowing experts, and everyone else is simply "stupid in believing in legends." Well presented info!"

rcrumple's HubNugget

A Screenshot of rcrumple's HubNugget (Photo Source: HubPages)
A Screenshot of rcrumple's HubNugget (Photo Source: HubPages)

His Most Commented Hubs

rcrumple's featured hubs (Photo Source: HubPages)
rcrumple's featured hubs (Photo Source: HubPages)

"You can't do it, if you don't attempt it" -rcrumple

A bookworm if you may call him, rcrumple or simply Rich or better yet, Rich Rumple is always ahead of our time, especially my time.

He attempted to excel in everything, aside from digesting voraciously what he read even at a young age. He even surpassed the expectation of his family.

I wanted to be like him, the way he write his hubs, but I cannot be more original if I mimic his style.

There are major parallelism in the way he started his scholastic life as a young hopeful boy.

Read: "I was one of those kids that used to go to the library on Monday, check out three books, return them on Friday, and get two more for the weekend. The librarian knew me so well that she finally started allowing me to check out books from the adult side of the library when I was in sixth grade because I had run out of things to read on the kids side of the building."

Yes, folks, there were times in my life, too, that my favorite pastime is reading books, any kinds of books that I can decipher, amid the hardships of our family situation during the 80s.

He's from the 60s, but I can also relate with the way he molded his life the way he wanted it to be.

Although, I attempted to be connected with the military, I was able to broadcast their activities as one of the local reporters in my province,instead.

But with his ample experiences in life, he quipped: "From Rhode Island to Indiana to Europe to the Mid East to New York to Chicago to Alabama and finally Kentucky, my experiences have enhanced my life and broadened my perspectives. Yet, I've always felt the loner even though I've never lacked for friends."

A loner? I wonder why?

Well, in my part, as a writer, I always want to keep my peace and quiet if I want to finish an article, although I always run out of something to say about the subject I started.

It's the opposite of him, because you'll get hook with his fanciful imaginings and antics in many of his hubs.

He is bending the usual solemnity of constructing a hub. He's perfecting the so-called limerick style of writing that only Sir Rich can present.

If you could ever visit his blog site: That's Life...Sometimes, you'll appreciate his effort to be different from all regular hubbers, including me.

You'll ask,"How is that so?"

Well, aside from being an unusual storyteller, known for having a series of Newscast for Active Hubbers (take note, not the passive ones, huh?), he also explores the seriousness of such topics:

  • Politics in satirical humor,
  • Giving Christmas gifts to in-laws you don't like,
  • Writing a poem dedicated to his wife while he still got a chance,
  • How to stay unemployed in 20 steps or less,
  • His Lollipop Awards for deserving hubbers on HubPages,
  • Halloween Tales from a Demon Cat
  • and his Escape from the Paranormal (his HubNugget)

When he is serious, you'll know the words that he'll leave on your hubs.

He attempted to excel on everything and he's reaping what's due for him: SUCCESS.

Rich Rumple: Riding SUCCESS, both as hubber and blogger

What's the difference with being a hubber and blogger at the same time?

Well, the meaning will jive at one point, but as a hubber, a more scholastic hubs or articles are featured on HubPages.

In the meantime, as a blogger, you can take down any inhibition by baring yourself on topics you like to expound, especially personal opinion coupled with firsthand experiences.

It's sad to note that by being vocal with what we opine, especially in politics or the grim situations of one's society, the lives of netizens are being wasted.

An incident of bloggers who got hanged in Iran was so demeaning that its effect reverberated in many portals of social media users.

But those antagonists will never keep us in trash bins and mass graveyard.

The truth will always keep us around, whatever advocacy we are fighting for.

The latest hub of Sir Rich is so timely,that he can also include this incident, aside from the killing of 20 innocent children in the USA, not so long ago.

Humanity One World: Grieving Must Bring Change


This is not a humorous hub.

If you were expecting one from me today, my apologies. I recognize that is my common niche.

Yet, another senseless and ruthless crime has taken place. For a few days, the country will be in mourning. Then, life will go back to normal for most people and the event will all but be forgotten. Forgotten, except to the families that were directly involved.

The country is grumbling again and I must have my say as others have done. Some will not like this, some will tolerate it, and others will probably never read a hub of mine again. If that be the case, so be it. I feel as though this must be said.

And that's all we need to happen this year, 2013, and the coming years for the good of the future generation.

And Sir Rich Rumple, is not a comic man anymore.

He's a changed man.

I sympathizes with him.

I hope, you do, too.

rcrumple's Winningest Blog

A Screenshot of rcrumple's blog site (Source:
A Screenshot of rcrumple's blog site (Source:

Made your writings and comments memorable, like rcrumple on HubPages


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    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @MelChi: Thank you for an additional testimony regarding Sir Rich Rumple's standing on HubPages.

      And this series is at the right direction.

      So many hubbers are worthy of recognition. My apologies for just choosing a handful. :)

    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Sunshine625: You've said all the good adjectives a hubber should possess.

      Thanks you for also recognizing his contributions on HubPages.

      And to think, you also thread in equal footings as one of the many successful writers that are actively gracing the HP community.

      Again, thank you for dropping by.

    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @rcrumple: You're the man, Sir! It's a pleasure knowing you as your hubs describe the different facets of your life.

      This is the least I can do, as I make a little difference each day at my site.

    • MelChi profile image

      Melanie Chisnall 

      5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      This is FANTASTIC! I am a huge fan of Rich. I came across his articles on HubPages and was immediately hooked. When I learnt that he had a blog as well I signed up without delay. I love his writing, his humour, and view points of the world - though I might not always agree fully, I have an enormous amount of respect for him. I look forward to reading his writing, and I'm so happy to have met him. He's one of those people you can rely on for an honest opinion, and to tell it like it is, using humour at times. His ability to write creatively and on serious issues astounds me sometimes. Well done for this awesome tribute! Great write up! :)

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Wow what an amazing tribute to an awesome hubber! RC is a great friend, writer and supporter. Well done!!

    • rcrumple profile image


      5 years ago from Kentucky

      Ireno -

      My friend, I am completely surprised, shocked and humbled all at once. You've almost made me speechless, which is a task only my wife can achieve ... usually because I can't believe what she's just said! lol Seriously, I am honored by your praise, and your depiction of of myself. I've only tried to amuse, provide honest comments, and reach for what's inside of all of us (sometimes we just have to dig a little). I can only say "Thank You" for this hub, and for your kind words. May God bless you!


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