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Hubnuggets in Hawaii

Updated on July 10, 2015

Finally some time off...

It was time! After three months of grueling paperwork, mysteries and adventures, I felt it was in the HubNugget Team's best interest to have some down time. After running my idea past our Marketing Manager, Jason, Group Manager, Maddie, and Woman of all Fixing, Simone, it was agreed that we (the Team) should take a week off.

As it was my idea, it fell to me to decide a destination.

Image by Enelle Lamb
Image by Enelle Lamb | Source

Travel arrangements

I looked up the quickest (and least expensive) travel arrangements, and finally decided on the family plan. Next came the invitations. That part was easy, all I had to do was send everyone an email, but I wanted them to be special. This was a vacation, not just another globe/universe trotting expedition in search of HubNuggets!

I finally came up with what I thought was an awesome idea! Who could resist a vacation with Hawaii 5-0? Time to get the tickets - Book 'em Danno!

Aloha HubNugget Team

We landed on the island of Oahu, stepping out onto the 80 degree, palm tree lined tarmac to the accompaniment of ukulele music, and beautiful grass skirted natives brandishing stunning, fragrant leis. What a great start to our holiday!

After we collected our bags, we were met by a chauffeured driven, black limousine and were whisked away to the Rainbow Hilton. We had the executive suite on the 24th floor - actually the whole floor - with connecting rooms. Inside each suite was a fruit basket with our name and a dinner invitation for 7 pm to meet the 5-0 team.

Oahu Hawaii:
Oahu, Hawaii, USA

get directions

Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf | Source
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf | Source

So much to see

We had a few hours to kill before our dinner meeting, so we ditched our suitcases and hit the streets! We had heard that Hawaii boasted the largest outdoor mall - the Ala Moana Center - and it was chock full of awesome bargains - obviously our first stop!

By the time we finished 'browsing' we needed extra suitcases just to bring back all our bargains, but it was well worth it. As it happened, there was a vendor selling luggage, so we stopped and each bought an extra suitcase to bring home. Ripplemaker found the perfect bag to compliment her rainbow luggage! By the time we lugged everything back up to our suite, we figured maybe a quick rest would be good, before getting ready to meet the 5-0 team.

RedElf and I (Enelle Lamb) decided we would get our purchases squared away and packed for the return trip - just in case we decided to do more shopping, so we opened our new gear and started packing. After about 5 minutes of sorting and packing, RedElf poked her head into the room and cleared her throat.

"I, uh, found something in my luggage. Are you sure this is supposed to be a holiday?" she asked, brandishing a sheaf of paper.

"Of course it's a holiday! Why would you think it wasn't?" I answered.

"Because I just found a list of HubNugget Wannabes in my new luggage." RedElf explained.

Sure enough, there in her paw was a list of the first six Wannabes.

Image by ProCW
Image by ProCW

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Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf | Source
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf | Source
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf | Source

Supper time!

I had absolutely no explanation why or how that Wannabe list ended up in RedElf's new suitcase. I called Maddy and she assured me that no one except the other team members knew we were in Hawaii, and after all, "...weren't we on holidays?"

I hung up more puzzled than ever. As I sat mulling over the days events, trying to figure out if someone had slipped the list in the bag when we weren't looking, ripplemaker bounced into the room and announced it was time to get ready for our dinner date with the 5-0 team.

Once again, we were met at the front doors of our hotel by a chauffeur driven limo, and whisked off to our dinner at Hy's Steak House. We arrived to discover that not all the 5-0 team could make it - duty called - but surprisingly Steve Garret and his partner Danny Williams (Danno) made it.

We had a great time - Zsuzsy Bee and KoffeeKlatch Gals steered the conversation in the direction of mysteries - one of their favorite subjects - and one thing led to another, so that by the end of our meal we were discussing the mystery of the "Appearing HubNugget Luggage List", which was quite a switch from our usual mysteries.

Both Steve and Danny assured us they would look into the matter for us, and left us with a nice surprise (besides picking up the check for dinner.) Since Kono and Chin hadn't been able to make it for supper, the 5-0 team had decided Kono and Chin would meet us at Diamond Head Beach after breakfast for some surfing lessons!

After another quick limo ride, with our very own chauffeur, we were once again in the lobby of the Rainbow Hilton. As we were about to climb into the elevator, having reassured RedElf that it was indeed safe, ripplemaker dashed up to the doors waving a manila envelope.

"This is for KoffeeKlatch Gals," she breathlessly exclaimed, thrusting the envelope into her hands just as the elevator doors slid shut behind her. "The front desk clerk said it was delivered this morning."

"That's strange," remarked Gals "I wonder what it could be?"

The rest of us urged her to open it - after all, we were as curious as she was to see what the envelope contained. Gals ripped it open and a single, thin sheet of paper slid into her hands.

"Oh my," she exclaimed, holding out the paper for all to see. "It's a Wannabe list."

Indeed, it was the next list of candidates.

Image by ProCW
Image by ProCW

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Surf's up!

What a glorious morning! I have seen the sun come up many many times, but I have to say, a Hawaiian sunrise is an experience like none other. For me, at least, it has the perfect combination that makes everything feel sorry....I digress...

It was the perfect morning to hit the beach! All thoughts of the HubNugget mystery evaporated as we ordered a picnic lunch, grabbed a quick croissant and coffee, and climbed into our luxury limo (cats do love being pampered,) to Diamond Head.

It was like Frankie and Annette's Beach Party, with boards sticking out of the sand, monster waves, boogie boards and glass bottom boats paddling in the shallows.

Kono and Chin were there to meet us, and the lessons were on! RedElf and I stayed closer to shore on the boogie boards and the rest of the group opted for the big waves further out. Patty surprised our 'surfing coaches' by shooting the pipe, and managing to stay with her board the whole way through. One by one we all ended up very wet at which point RedElf and I decided to check out the glass bottom boats!

After a couple of hours enjoying the water, it was time for a rest and some much needed sustenance. Unfortunately, Kono got called back to work, but Chin graciously offered to show us some Island sights. Chin snagged us a tour bus, pointing out everything of interest on our drive to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I must say I've never seen anything like it. The colors, the dancers and the food were absolutely amazing! There was so much to see, we were hard pressed to take it all in at one time.

Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf | Source
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf | Source

The mystery strikes again

Chin dropped us off at our hotel with a promise to get together before we had to leave, and we straggled our way to the elevators - a quick nap was in least for this cat.

Patty Inglish and LadyJane1 announced they weren't tired, and were off to the Ala Moana Mall again. As they turned to leave, they nearly collided with an elderly couple stepping off the elevator next to us, and LadyJane's beach bag slipped off her arm, dumping it's contents onto the lobby floor.

We were grabbing up the spilled items so LadyJane could repack her bag, when she picked up a piece of paper lying in the midst of her things.

"This isn't mine," she said, scanning the piece of paper. "What in heaven's...this is a HubNugget Wannabe list!"

Image by ProCW
Image by ProCW

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A puzzlement

While Patty and LadyJane were off stripping the mall bare, the rest of us gathered in the living room to discuss the mysterious appearance of HubNugget lists.

"I don't get it," Zsuzsy Bee declared. "When we want to find the lists, we have to go looking for them, but now that we don't want them, they mysteriously appear! What is going on?"

"I'm calling the front desk!" RedElf stated. "Someone has to know who delivered that envelope."

"See if you can find out about that elderly couple we collided with in the lobby. Maybe they know something about the list," said ripplemaker.

"Maybe we should call the 5-0 team," I said. "They might be able to help us with some information."

"It couldn't hurt" Gals added. "After all, they do this kind of thing all the time."

So, while RedElf called the front desk, I placed a call to the 5-0 team. After we hung up, we were still no further ahead to solving the mystery. The front desk didn't know the elderly couple, or who had delivered the envelope, but they did inform us that there were seven tickets to tonight's luau at the desk. The 5-0 team had no clues either, however, they promised they would look into it for us.

When Patty and LadyJane arrived back at the suite, Patty informed us that the vendor who sold us the luggage was nowhere to be found - another piece of the puzzle that didn't make any sense.

After much discussion, it was decided that we would put the mystery aside for the rest of the evening, and go enjoy the luau. We arrived to find the 5-0 team waiting for us. They ushered us to the head table, where we were seated as guests of honor! They then explained to us, and everyone else, that they had concocted the whole "Appearing HubNugget lists" mystery as a welcome to the Island surprise for us, and introduced the elderly couple, luggage vendor and desk clerk who were in on it from the get go!

So with the mystery solved, we kicked back and enjoyed the luau, eating a wonderful roast pig (not so keen on the poi however,) drinking mai tais and watching more fabulous dancers. Tomorrow was another day in paradise, and we could relax and enjoy all the Islands had to offer.

Case closed! Book 'em Danno!

This video was taken when the original band members rejoined to re-record the Hawaii 5-0 theme song.


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