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Historic Hubpages Review by Thranax

Updated on August 3, 2017
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Andrew has been a creator on Hubpages for over 10 years. Greeting new users as a Hubpages Elite member and helping through the forums.

Hubpages Logo
Hubpages Logo

A taste of Hubpages History

Hubpages was lunched in August 2006 after collecting a $2 million investment from Hummer Winblad.

Reported by Quantcast, Hubpages is in the top 400 viewed sites in the US.


Hubpages is an online writing service experience that offers advertising revenue in return for excellent content. The content is simply called a "Hub" therefore the name, Hubpages! A Hub is created by a user on a topic chosen by the user, in a general field or tag, like Art for example. Writers on Hubpages have everything from:

  • How TO's
  • Tutorials
  • Galleries
  • Recipes
  • Remedies
  • Stories
  • Suggestions
  • Product Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Job Guides
  • Fact Sheets
  • Coding/Programming Code
  • Various Tips and Tricks
  • and much more!

Each Hub is basically a Mini-Website of its own! All Hubs have a goal or purpose - some could even say to have a life of there own!

Hubpages - The Site

Hubpages has a very basic, easy to use interface for all aspects of the site! Here's a list of the features of the site in general: (If you have an account, this list is expanded.)


The first link we have on the Hubpages site is labeled "Topics". Not everyone is a Hubber, and not all Hubbers like to write all the time. This area of Hubpages shows you some major topics like Love, Art, and Technology. It also then shows you some of the top rated Hubs in those Tag groups, or if you click the group it will open a list of all the Hubs that fall into that category.


The second link we have on the Hubpages site is labeled "Hubs". With this link it opens up the latest "Hot Hubs" or ones that get a lot of traffic. This can also be reordered by Best and Latest Hubs.The Best setting shows the top ranked Hubs by score. The latest shows the newest Hubs added. All Hubs have a lot of ways to be found on Hubpages.


The next one is "Answers". This is an area that allows Hubbers to ask a question in the open, to have other Hubbers write a response answer or a Hub about it. A lot of good ideas are brainstormed in this part of the site! (Honestly, this Hub was made from a Request! And if your reading it, then it has to be a good idea =).)


Moving on we come to the link "Hubbers". A Hubber is a person who writes Hubs on Hubpages, pretty basic. What this does is open up Hubbers from Best to Latest. This allows you to learn some about them linking to there profile, or to find more Hubs created by that person. It is a useful tool to learn some of the current best ranked top Hubber Pro's of Hubpages. Most of the Hubbers on the first 4 pages are very active Hubbers, although most are good all the way down in the deeper pages!


The "Forums" link is, in my opinion, one of the best reasons Hubpages is such a good site. The forums is the "Heart" of the community, where Hubbers communicate and talk to each other. Its a place we can share information, tips, and even get help on our hubs! There are a ton of great writers here that would love to help with your questions, and in return you help with theirs!The forums are sometimes a way to overcome writers block and even gave birth to some awesome Hub ideas. To a lot of people they are seen as an oasis for Hubbers...But be warned, they are extremely addicting if you get into the conversations and you could lose literally days there!

The forums are now broken down into a main feed and then miniature topics like:

-Official Hubpages Announcements
-Need Help? Ask here.
-Knowledge Exchange
-Report a Problem or Suggest a New Feature
-The Hubber's Hangout
-Extreme Hub Makeover
-The Sandpit
-30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallengers

-Arts & Crafts
-Books & Writing
-Business & Jobs
-Fashion & Beauty
-Games, Toys, & Hobbies
-Gender & Relationships
-Holidays & Celebrations
-Home & Family
-Knowledge & Education
-Personal Finance
-Politics & Social Issues
-Religion & Beliefs
-Sports & Recreation
-Travel & Places


Lastly, the "Hubitivity" link is also a very unique feature added to Hubpages. It shows you who is doing what in different ways, like "All" so whenever a Hubber does something, it shows it in that list. There are many different ones you can try to get the results you wish to know about.

My Account

If you created a Hubpages Account and Signed In, then you have a tab that says "My Account". This will lead to your Statics page. This page shows your Hubs Written and how many comments and Pageviews they all have. There are also 15 other links that show different information. They are:

  • Statistics - Shows all your Hubs with there pageview stats. The stats are broken down into score, comment count, pageviews for; day, week, month, and total.
  • Traffic Sources - Shows where your traffic is coming from. Google, Yahoo, Etc...
  • Broken Links - Shows any broken links in any of your hubs.
  • Comments On - Shows comments you have obtained in order to Accept or Decline/Delete.
  • Groups - Shows your Hub groups.
  • Categories - Shows the Categories your hubs are a part of.
  • Ideabank - Don't know what to write about? Take a look here for some ideas that the Hubpage Team expect to do well in searches and turn out to be interesting to readers!
  • Your Profile - Shows the information your sharing on your Profile.
  • Affiliate Settings - This is where you enter your Google Adsense and all other ID's.
  • URL Trackers - This is where you create and track your trackers.
  • Questions - Shows questions for you and ones you asked.
  • Answers - Shows the answers you created.
  • Comments You Made - Shows the comments you have made on others Hubs.
  • Fan Mail - When Hubbers join your fan club they can leave you a message which you can accept or decline here.
  • Hubber Fan Clubs - Shows the Hubbers you joined the fan club of.
  • Category Fan Clubs - Shows the Categories your a fan of.
  • Bookmarks - A place where Hubbers can make folders and Bookmark the Hubs they like.

My Profile

If you are logged into Hubpages then there will be a tab that says "My Profile". This shows you your profile how others see it. It also shows your Latest, Best, and Hot Hubs. This is also where other Hubbers who are in your Fan Club can leave you Fan Mail. This also is a place where you can see a graph of the traffic you have been getting and the dates you created hubs.

Hubpages - The Ultimate Place for writers for two reasons:

Hubpages is the best place for writers hands down! I could just be saying that, but I can even tell you why it is such a great place for anyone! This can be taken down to two categories:

Simplicity and Community - Making Hubs are very simple, almost everyone can do it! No HTML is needed to create your Hubs, there all easily applied using something called "Capsules". Community because Hubpages Hubbers are excellent in aiding people on the forums, always someone nice to talk to and all give criticism that is constructive, not destructive.

Financial Opportunity - Your Hubs, if you wish can be linked to your Affiliate ID's and you will get a share of the time your ads are on your pages, allowing you to create some serious revenue.

Some Stats on the Site:

As of September 23rd, 2009, there are

  • 501,216 Published Hubs
  • 98,147 Published Users
  • 17,951 Questions
  • 40,497 Answers
  • 376,625 Forum Posts

Small Community...You were saying?

Revenue Companies Hubpages allows you to use:

Google Ad Sense eBay Amazon Kontera

Offered by Hubpages:

Hubpages Update Mid-Summer 2017

During the mid-summer of 2017 Hubpages changed its platform to no longer support the float right option. This was one of the biggest changes to ever happen to formating in Hubpages history! The ability to float images and other various capsules to the right helped convey a sense of beauty in a two column layout. The new Hubpages system only supports a single column focused on the increasing amount of users who view Hubs on a mobile or tablet format.

In 2017 Hubpages removed the ability to #float capsules to the right. This is one of the most major aesthetically focused updates to happen in Hubpages history.
In 2017 Hubpages removed the ability to #float capsules to the right. This is one of the most major aesthetically focused updates to happen in Hubpages history. | Source

Are you a Hubber?

Hubpages has so much to offer everyone, from a motorcycle repairman to a English major. With over 98,000 members it offers: Inspiration, Creativity, a place to advance your writing, a community of like minded individuals, and opportunity's to make money! Hubpages, to me falls in the line of the Best Websites Ever and many are missing out for no reason! So why not take the time to make up an account and BECOME A HUBBER TODAY!!!

It will only take you a few minutes of your time, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Click Here to Sign Up!


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