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Menopause hot flashes at a regular time every day?

7 answers

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What do you do if your teenager refuses to come home?

82 answers

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How do you know if you sold your soul

88 answers

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The "I can't move or talk" nightmare, what does it mean?

126 answers

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Who is your personal hero? Why?

67 answers

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What is your favorite hobby & why?

78 answers

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What kind of books do you like to read?

124 answers

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What Charities Can You Recommend? (Weekly Topic Inspiration)

20 answers

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Why do some men have long fingernails?

70 answers

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What does it mean when someone can't look you in the eye?

93 answers

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Should I feel bad for not visiting a relative in the hospital?

21 answers

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Is Superman, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars music the same?

8 answers

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What does it mean when a cat pees on you?

36 answers

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Why do cats stare at walls?

26 answers

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Which is more important: Being beautiful or being smart?

30 answers

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Why do Ambulances have Chains underneath them?

12 answers

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What is your biggest weakness and greatest strength as a writer?

21 answers

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Do you say "A scissor" or "Scissors"?

79 answers

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What is your favorite musical of all time and why?

40 answers

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How do you use tracing paper?

13 answers

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What is your biggest inspiration in your life?

8 answers

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Would you be able to sleep in a bed that someone had died in?

23 answers

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can i wash a hardwood floor?

4 answers

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Why does my cat walk in front of me, and get in the way?

8 answers